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​Donald Trump Dissed Lebron James And People Are Not Happy

​Donald Trump Dissed Lebron James And People Are Not Happy

There aren't many people in the world who Donald Trump hasn't slagged off, let's face it. I mean, just this week he's taken a swipe at the QUEEN, claiming she was late and kept him waiting when he met her in England recently.

But it seems Twitter isn't letting him get away with this latest one, which as seen him call not one but two poor sods stupid.


Trump took to the social media site to have a go at both NBA superstar LeBron James and CNN host Don Lemon, who appeared together in an interview that aired on Monday - in which James argued Trump is 'dividing' us.

After the footage surfaced, the president tweeted:


Now that's just mean.

Lemon has already hit back on Twitter, writing:

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While James is yet to respond (that's it fella, rise above it), people on social media have rallied to come to his defence, using it as a chance to praise him for his work with a new school for at-risk children in his hometown, Akron in Ohio.

One person wrote: "LeBron James has done more good for this country in the last week as a basketball player than Trump has in a year and a half as President of the United States."

Another said: "So Trump finally went at LeBron, huh? Shocked it took this long. Not shocked it happened during a week where LeBron literally opened a school for at-risk kids."

Someone else commented: "Lebron's school will make a more powerful and positive impact in more people's than Trump could ever dream of."

Another person wrote: "Trump insulting LeBron the same week that he opened a school designed to support at-risk students is peak disgusting Trump."

Oh, and this is one of the top comments on Trump's tweet:

So it looks like it's Twitter 1, Trump 0 for this one. As that Ian bloke said, it's good to see that the cruel comments have backfired and actually raised the profile of James' good work. Funny, that, isn't it?

Mind you, it's probably only a matter of time before that bell rings again for round two with someone else...

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