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Joe Biden Signs Executive Orders Overturning Donald Trump's Controversial Policies

Joe Biden Signs Executive Orders Overturning Donald Trump's Controversial Policies

He is signing 15 executive actions to reverse Trump's legacy

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Joe Biden has committed to his pledge to reverse Donald Trump's most controversial policies within hours of becoming president.

These will include signing a series of executive actions that will change Trump's plans on immigration, climate change and the handling of the pandemic.

After attending his own inauguration, Biden has signed an order to end the construction of 'The Wall' between Mexico and the US, stop the travel ban from some Muslim-majority countries, and rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organisation.

In the hope of rewinding some of Trump's policies, Biden will sign 15 executive orders - joining just two other presidents in signing executive actions on their first day, who only signed one each.

Preparation is underway for the pared down inauguration.

Federal agencies will be ordered to prioritise racial equality and review any policies seen to reinforce systemic racism.

Biden will also revoke an order that Trump used in the hope of excluding non-citizens from the census.

Federal employees will be required to take an ethics pledge that commits them to upholding the independence of the Justice Department after Trump repeatedly sought to influence the body in the prosecution of his allies and former advisors.

The new president's domestic policy adviser, Susan Rice, said that Biden will be revoking the report of Trump's '1776 Commission' - which was set to promote 'patriotic education'. The document was released just hours before he left office and argues that slavery was not 'a uniquely American evil'.

According to CNN, it was created to rival the New York Times' 1619 Project - a Pulitzer Prize-winning project which aimed to teach American students about slavery. Last September, Trump called it 'toxic propaganda'.

President Donald Trump wasn't in attendance to watch on as his successor is sworn into office, which also meant the usual handing over of the 'nuclear football' didn't go ahead.

The nuclear football in 2017.

The briefcase contains the equipment Trump, now Biden, would use to order a nuclear attack, including plans, access to command and control systems as well as the mechanism for authorising nuclear codes.

The President also must carry the 'nuclear biscuit' - a plastic card containing codes which identify the President and give him authority to authorise a nuclear attack - at all times.

CNN reports that Trump will leave Washington D.C. at around 8am and fly to his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. He will take the nuclear football and biscuit with him.

Vipin Narang, a nuclear policy expert at MIT, told CNN: "The easiest way to think about it is there is a seamless cutover as to which 'biscuit' is valid at noon Wednesday.

"Biden's biscuit would not be valid at 11.59am, and Trump's would not be valid at 12.01pm."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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