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Pauline Hanson Is Moving A Motion In The Senate To Recognise 'All Lives Matter'

Pauline Hanson Is Moving A Motion In The Senate To Recognise 'All Lives Matter'

The One Nation Senator isn't happy with the current attitude in Australia.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has declared her intention to move a motion in the Senate calling for the recognition that 'All Lives Matter'.

Ms Hanson has been particularly critical of the way people turned out in their thousands across Australia over the weekend to protest against police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement in Australia.


She said: "It sickens me to see people holding up signs saying Black Lives Matter in memory of this American criminal.

"No one could possibly condone the way in which George Floyd died but what upsets me is the attitude of many people, black and white that his death matters more because he is black.

"More whites die in Australia and America in relation to deaths in custody than blacks. That's a fact. But where is the outrage for white people?"

Since 1979, there have been 2,608 people die in custody. There were over 500 Indigenous deaths and 2,104 non-Indigenous deaths.

While people will be quick to highlight how non-Indigenous deaths are more than four times higher than Indigenous, it's worth pointing out that the Aboriginal population makes up 3.3 per cent of Australia's population. That illustrates that the number of Aboriginal people dying in custody is disproportionately higher than non-Aboriginal people.

The 'All Lives Matter' phrase has spiked in popularity during the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement around the world and in Australia.

Proponents of the phrase believe that there is unnecessary attention on people of colour and they want everyone to be treated fairly.

However, BLM supporters have stated that because just people are saying Black Lives Matter, that doesn't mean that white lives matter any less.

Featured Image Credit: Pauline Hanson/Twitter

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