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Of The 21 Lawsuits Filed By Trump And Republicans, Zero Have Been Won

Of The 21 Lawsuits Filed By Trump And Republicans, Zero Have Been Won

Of the 21 lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and Republican officials, a grand total of zero have been won since Election Day on 3 November, according to a new report by Business Insider.

In the wake of Election Day, Donald Trump has been throwing everything he's got at stopping Joe Biden officially win the presidency... Even though he's already admitted his opponent has, indeed, won.

Refusing to formally concede (instead seen sulking on the golf course), Trump has been alternating between demanding that some states stop counting ballots - something he doesn't have the power to enforce, as Business Insider points out - and saying that others should keep counting.

He's also claimed to supporters that he has fallen victim of widespread illegal voting, but has failed to provide any proof tor this.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

In fact, in total, his campaign and other Republican groups have filed 21 legal challenges since Election Day, including lawsuits in Pennsylvania (seven losses, four pending), Nevada (two losses, one pending), Georgia (one loss), Michigan (four losses) and Arizona (one loss, one pending).

If you do the quick maths, you'll notice that of the 21 challenges, there are currently zero that have been won by Trump and his allies.

While six cases are still pending, 15 have already been withdrawn or lost, meaning things probably don't look too good for Trump as unfounded claims continue to argue that the election was 'rigged' by Democrats.

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Donald Trump Played Golf As Joe Biden Was Announced Winner


A new Reuters and Ipsos opinion poll found that around half of all Republicans believe President Donald Trump 'rightfully won' the US election, but that it was stolen from him by widespread voter fraud that favored Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.


Donald Trump Finally Admits Joe Biden Won The US Presidential Election

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The poll showed that Trump's open defiance of Biden's victory in both the popular vote and Electoral College 'appears to be affecting the public's confidence in American democracy, especially among Republicans'.

A total of 73 percent of those asked agreed that Biden won the election, while just five percent thought Trump was the winner.


However, when asked whether Biden had 'rightfully won', Republicans showed they were dubious - with 52 percent of Republicans saying Trump had 'rightfully won', compared to 29 percent saying Biden did.

When asked why, Republicans seemed much more concerned than others that state vote counters had 'tipped the results towards Biden'.

"68% of Republicans said they were concerned that the election was 'rigged', while only 16% of Democrats and one-third of independents were similarly worried," Reuters explained.

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