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Scott Morrison Resists Pressure To Skol Beer On Anzac Day

Scott Morrison Resists Pressure To Skol Beer On Anzac Day

Bob Hawke became a legendary Aussie prime minister when he skolled a beer. It's turned into a bit of a tradition when he's at the cricket and usually obliges when the crowds start cheering and the cameras are on him.

But it was a bit of a different story for Scott Morrison who was confronted with a 'Here's to ScoMo, he's true blue' chant as he was drinking a beer with people on Anzac Day in Townsville.


In an attempt to silence the crowd, he waved his fans but that did nothing.

They kept yelling the classic skolling song all the way to the end and sounded disappointed he didn't chuck his schooner high in the sky and chug his beer.

According to, one person even yelled: "He's no Bob Hawke."

While there were some people mocking him for not knocking his beer down his throat, some people have pointed out that because it was Anzac Day, it could be misconstrued as being disrespectful.


"I'm setting a good example for the kids," Mr Morrison said as an explanation for not skolling.

Damned if you do damned if you don't I guess.

Some people on social media even backed the PM for not drinking his beer quickly.

One user wrote: "Some would argue we live in a country where alcohol is a problem. If he did skol then the media would be up in arms. He wouldn't have won no matter what."

Another added: "Isn't it showing a backbone in not bowing to peer pressure. Aren't we trying to promote a responsible drinking culture in the country?"

Former leader Tony Abbott famously skolled a beer in 2015 at a Sydney pub and he did it in six seconds. Not bad Tone, not bad at all.

He was at the Royal Oak in Double Bay and was surrounded by University of Technology Sydney AFL students who leapt at the chance to get the head of the country to knock back a cold one.

The AFL club wrote: "Great to have Prime Minister Tony Abbott in attendance for presentations tonight at the Bat Cave - he almost has Hawkey covered."

Ironically, he wrote an opinion piece in 2010 for the Courier Mail arguing that Australia needs to curb it's excessive drinking, saying it 'has become all too prevalent among youngsters'.

Like we said, you'll be slammed by both sides if the skolling song sounds and you cave and drink or chill and sip.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 10

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Scott Morrison Resists Pressure To Skol Beer On Anzac Day

Scott Morrison Resists Pressure To Skol Beer On Anzac Day

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