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Scott Morrison Skips UN Climate Summit For A Tour Of A Box Factory

Scott Morrison Skips UN Climate Summit For A Tour Of A Box Factory

Australian Prime Minister has opted to spend some time with President Trump.

LADBible Australia

LADBible Australia

Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison has chosen to chummy up with US President Donald Trump for a tour of a box factory this week, instead of attending the UN Climate Leaders Summit in New York.

While world leaders and climate activists came together to discuss increasing efforts to combat climate change, the Australian Prime Minister opted to spend some time with President Trump, which included a dinner with mining tycoon Gina Rinehart.

This comes at the same time as new documents obtained by the Australian Conservation Foundation have shown that the Prime Minister is openly encouraging foreign countries to increase their use of Australian coal.

Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner Christian Slattery claims: "Our government is trashing Australia's international reputation because of its addiction to polluting coal."

"As major importers of Australian coal transition to cleaner forms of energy, the Morrison Government is doing the industry's bidding by trying to push more coal on other markets."

Trump welcomes Morrison to the White House.
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Current projections show that Australia is on track to become the world's largest dealer of greenhouse gas emitting fuels, pushing coal and gas while the world makes efforts to move to cleaner sources of energy.

While Morrison allegedly never intended on appearing at the UN Climate Summit, Australia was reportedly blocked from speaking at the conference because of their coal pushing agenda.

Slattery said: "Australia's reported blocking by the UN Secretary-General from speaking at the special climate summit in New York is nothing short of an embarrassment for a wealthy country like ours that prides itself on being a good international citizen."

The box factory PM Morrison chose to visit with Trump in Ohio was established by VISY Paper, and is owned by Australian and Liberal Party supporter, Anthony Pratt.

Still, as tempting as a trip to a box factory can be, it feels like the health of the planet should have taken priority.

To pressure the Australian Government into taking responsibility for the impacts of climate change, click here.

CITIZEN REEF Supporting Partner
CITIZEN REEF Supporting Partner

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