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Royal Guard Tramples Kid That Gets In His Way

Royal Guard Tramples Kid That Gets In His Way

A video of the incident has gone viral on TikTok

A video showing a royal guard knocking over a child that got in his way took the internet by a storm. Watch here:

In the short clip shared anonymously on TikTok, two royal guards can be seen marching as families watch on. But when one small child steps in the path of one of the guards, he doesn't break stride, instead shouting before knocking down the kid and continuing on his path.

People nearby can be heard gasping in shock as the child is knocked to the ground, but fortunately he quickly got back to his feet, seemingly relatively unscathed.

Judging from the caption, it seems as though the kid in question was from a family who were spending visiting England on a holiday. And what a way to spend it.

The video has been re-shared multiple times and viewed by millions, and - as always seems to be the way online - people were divided over what they'd just seen.

People reacted to the clip in very different ways.

On one side of the argument were those who felt that the guard could have used some common sense and avoided knocking down the kid.

One person commented: "That child isn’t dangerous I get it's their job but it's a child there was no reason to do that."

Another said: "To all the people saying they're just doing their job. If your job involves trampling children therein lies the problem."

A third agreed: "It wouldn't kill the guard to walk around the child, if it's adults in the way I understand but if it's a child you can make an exception."

But while you might think a grown man knocking over a child would go down pretty unfavourably across the board, there were many people who leapt to the guard's defence.

One person commented: "Watch all these ppl get pressed about the royal guards doing their job. you don’t move? you get trampled. easy."

Another said: "I blame the parents, absolutely no awareness of their surroundings."

A third concurred: "People don’t understand that those guards aren't there for tourist attraction and are highly trained SOLDIERS there to protect the QUEEN."

So, having heard both sides, where do you stand on this one? Is the guard just adhering to his training and are the parents to blame? Or could he have taken a daft walk detour to avoid potentially injuring the child?

LADbible contacted the Ministry of Defence for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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