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Seth Rogen Slides Into Trolls' DMs And Tells Them To 'Go F*** Themselves'

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Seth Rogen Slides Into Trolls' DMs And Tells Them To 'Go F*** Themselves'

As an A-list celebrity, you're practically guaranteed to have to put up with trolls online these days, sadly. Unless maybe you're Tom Hanks.

How you choose to deal with it though is a personal choice, and it seems Seth Rogen is pretty settled on his modus operandi.

Rogen doesn't give trolls the satisfaction of a public response. Credit: Alamy
Rogen doesn't give trolls the satisfaction of a public response. Credit: Alamy

The actor, comedian and writer said loads of people talk s*** to him on Twitter, but he doesn't give them the satisfaction of a public response - instead, he slides in their DMs and tells them to 'go f*** themselves'.


In a tweet, the 39-year-old explained: "A lot of people come at me and talk s*** on Twitter hoping I'll engage with them publicly and give them attention, but instead I DM them and tell them to go f*** themselves privately.

"It's a lot more fun."

Yeah, that makes sense.

Over the past couple of days though he has been embroiled in a public dispute on Twitter with YouTuber Casey Neistat.

Casey Neistat. Credit: Instagram/@caseyneistat
Casey Neistat. Credit: Instagram/@caseyneistat

Neistat tweeted: "So our cars got robbed this morning because Los Angeles is a crime riddled 3rd world s***hole of a city but tremendous appreciation and gratitude to the hardworking officers at the @LAPDWestLA who not only arrested the motherf****r but they got all of our stolen goods back."

Rogen clearly didn't take kindly to the tweet, stepping up to defend the city as a 'lovely place' and advising Neistat not to leave valuables in a car in a big city.


Neistat responded asking if he 'can still be mad tho right?' and stating that he felt 'so violated'.

Rogen replied: "You can be mad but I guess I don’t personally view my car as an extension of myself and I’ve never really felt violated any of the 15 or so times my car was broken in to.

"Once a guy accidentally left a cool knife in my car so if it keeps happening you might get a little treat."


Asked how he got his car stolen so many times, Rogen continued: "I lived in West Hollywood for 20 years and parked on the street.

"Also it sucks your s*** was stolen but LA is not some s***hole city.

"As far as big cities go it has a lot going for it."

Rogen was slammed for the comments by Twitter users, with one saying: "Out of touch because he thinks everyone is wealthy and can afford to just have their car broken in to.


"I don't know how much money you've got in the bank but is it enough to have your car broken into 15 times?"

Another said: "[email protected] be like: 'Let yourself be robbed if you have a lot of money.'"

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Jake Massey
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