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Spearfisherman Gets Terrifyingly Close To Great White Shark In Face-To-Face Encounter

Spearfisherman Gets Terrifyingly Close To Great White Shark In Face-To-Face Encounter

David Scherrer, who works as a diver for the Virginia Beach Seafood Company, was ready to defend himself if he needed to

This is the heart-stopping moment a spearfisher came head-to-head with a great white shark:

David Scherrer had the close encounter earlier this month while he was diving in waters off the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Mr Scherrer, who works for the Virginia Beach Seafood Company, was diving with a speargun when the shark appeared alongside him.

Scherrer pointed his speargun toward the predator, ready to defend himself against an attack, and held it up until he and the shark were almost face to face.

Fortunately, the shark turned swam away.

David Scherrer via Storyful

Scherrer posted this footage of the encounter on Instagram with the caption: “Well that was kinda gnarly!”

While the company he works for wrote: "Close encounters with toothy critters! David the fish whisperer. Whispered the wrong tune and brought this alpha in.

"Good teamwork and a day we will all never forget."

Speaking to the Virginian-Pilot, Scherrer said the experience was 'awesome' though admitted 'it wasn’t so cool' when the shark began swimming towards him.

He added: "Normally when that happens, things end a bit more dramatically."

Luckily the shark swam away.
David Scherrer via Storyful

Commenting on Instagram, one person wrote: "S******. I know this feeling so well. Nervous, fear, excitement pure joy," to which the diver replied: "yup more like excitement -> nervous -> fear, but exactly, the joy after the fact haha."

David also said that it was a 'once in a lifetime experience,' before adding: "I hope so at least."

Another person commented on his video saying: "This is pretty freaking rad. Glad to see ya making buddies out there."

David Scherrer via Storyful

A third added: "Wow nice clip!! That moment he turned and followed you up musta been sketchy." That's one way to put it.

Another said: "I would of shot one of the fish to get him to come closer." Sure you would.

Earlier this year, a teenager had a similar close encounter with a shark in waters off Nelson, New Zealand, after the beast almost managed to bite his hand off.

Jahmon Wilson had landed a large kingfish when he was warned by fellow spearfishers that sharks were about.

Before he got time to grab his gun and get back to shore, a bronze whaler shark suddenly snatched his fish - missing his hand by inches.

Featured Image Credit: David Scherrer via Storyful

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