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55-Year-Old Mike Tyson Shares Another Scary Video Of Himself Training

55-Year-Old Mike Tyson Shares Another Scary Video Of Himself Training

Iron Mike Tyson loves sharing training videos, and he looks like he's still got it

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Mike Tyson has shared yet another video of himself showing off his fitness and speed in the gym. Seriously, the guy can probably still handle himself on the evidence of this video - watch below:

Tyson famously likes to share training videos and snaps of himself to prove that he's still got it, even at the age of 55.

This one is no different, and shows Iron Mike working the bag over in his gym, clearly showing he's still got the will and the dedication to keep training hard.

Believe it or not, he still wants to get into the ring, having briefly returned from retirement to fight Roy Jones Jr. recently in an eight-round exhibition match.

Showing off his impressive punching and movement, as well as his trademark speed, the former heavyweight champion of the world captioned his workout video: "You aren't owed s***. Fight like hell for everything."

Fair play, it's not a bad piece of advice, particularly if you're going to try to make it in the fight game.

Maybe just remember to stop before you bite the ear off a fellow competitor though, right?


Tyson also said: "I don't care how good you are in anything, you don't have discipline, you ain't nobody.

"You're nothing without discipline because you give up at the slightest struggle without discipline.

"Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but doing it like you love it."

Again, discipline is required to make it through a career without physically mutilating another professional, but you go on, Mike.

Seriously though, putting aside from his reputation as the 'baddest man on the planet', Tyson seems to have the drive and determination needed to make his comeback.

As for who will stand across the ring from him on that second fight date, we're not 100 percent sure just yet, but Tyson's trainer Rafael Cordeiro says they're already making preparations and training for it.


He told MMA Fighting: "We continue training. He's an athlete and is always training, hitting pads here in the gym.

"I think we're going to have something in September.

"I don't know who because his company Legends Only League is working on it and negotiating a TV deal so they can announce a schedule, but we're training.

"We'll be fighting in September."

Whoever he ends up facing, they'll be taking on a Tyson who remains fit and ready, even into his mid-50s.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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