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Unseen Footage Emerges Of Abdu Rozik's Damning Gesture Towards Fierce Rival Hasbulla

Unseen Footage Emerges Of Abdu Rozik's Damning Gesture Towards Fierce Rival Hasbulla

Video footage shows the moment Rozik aimed a brutal gesture towards his nemesis ahead of their spat at UFC 267

Video footage shows the moment Abdu Rozik flashed a brutal gesture towards Hasbulla Magomedov ahead of their heated altercation at UFC 267.

The pair's rivalry boiled over in Abu Dhabi last month when they were spotted confronting each other in a ringside scrap.

But now footage has emerged showing another moment from the night, which saw Rozik aim throat-slitting gestures towards his nemesis.

Instagram and TikTok star Magomedov could be seen in the foreground of the clip, chuckling away to the person filming.


At first, he seemed completely unaware that the Tajikistan native was running his finger across his own throat and pointing over to Magomedov - who eventually spins around to look on at his rival in the distance.

Posting the footage online, a fan page for Magomedov wrote: "Look at Abdurazik in the back. What a nerd."


The two internet stars have been going back and forth for a long time now, although an official fight is yet to materialise despite fans being keen for the clash.

UFC president Dana White has said there is 'more than a zero percent chance' of Magomedov competing inside the Octagon.

"The video that he [Magomedov] sent saying 'Dana White, I'm coming to the UFC in Abu Dhabi', that's the biggest post I've ever posted," White told Barstool Sports.

"I have 6.7 million followers on Instagram. 6.4 million people watched that video."

When asked how their supposed meeting ahead of UFC 267 went, White replied: "Incredible. It was incredible. I love the kid."

Barstool Sports reporter Robbie Fox then questioned whether there was ever a chance we'd witness Hasbulla lacing up the gloves.

"Is there more than a 0 percent chance that Hasbulla fights in the UFC?" Fox asked.

To which White replied: "Is there more than a 0 percent chance? Yes."


However, in a separate interview, White did say that the superstar's father isn't too keen on him fighting.

"I don't know if he wants to get involved," White told Pardon My Take.

"From what I hear, his father is super protective of him. If that's the case, you don't want your kid fighting."

The head of Russia's Dwarf Athletic Association, Uliana Podpalnaya, also previously said the potential fight would be 'unethical', saying it would be a 'laughing show'.

Speaking to, Podpalnaya said: "It's not even like a show fight - they [Magomedov and Rozik] get paid a lot of money and it's a show to make people laugh.

"There's nothing serious about this, this isn't sport. This is unethical, wrong, from my point of view.

"It seems to be that only on the one hand it can be correct and beautiful - if martial arts among small people are made a Paralympic sport.

"It could be Judo, Karate, and people will understand that this is a serious sport, serious performances, and not some kind of laughing show.

"Events like this don't draw attention to the sport of little people. If interest in this appears, it's only business a lot of money is being invested in it.

"And from the point of view of the sports career growth of these guys, there are no prospects."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Hasbulla Magomedov

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