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Adidas Celebrates 25 Years Of Predators With Beckham And Zidane Packages

Adidas Celebrates 25 Years Of Predators With Beckham And Zidane Packages

The packages pay homage to two of the brand's biggest footballing icons

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane are two of the biggest icons of modern football.

Both played with their own distinctive brands of flair and class, and as such, it is only right that Adidas has paid homage to the iconic midfielders as the sportswear giant marks 25 years of Predator football boots.

The first model of the classic boots was released in 1994, and over the intervening quarter of a century, there have been many different incarnations of the Preds.

Now Adidas is launching a special limited edition archive pack, inspired by some of the most memorable models worn by the maestros - Zizou's 1998 Accelerators and Golden Balls' 2001 Predator Precision boots - and both conjure more saliva than a stack of pancakes (the boots, that is).

The Frenchman's Accelerators have been given a gold K-leather upper, as a nod to his Ballon d'Or win in '98 - which he earned following his man of the match performance in the World Cup final.

The 25 Years of Predators packages are extremely sexy.

Becks' boots are based on the Predators he wore when he scored that free-kick against Greece, and come in an all white K-leather upper, with a red tongue and two sets of laces - white and red.

Meanwhile, the Accelerators come with four different sets of laces - gold, navy, white and red.

Both pairs come with firm ground studs and a tasteful little tribute to the former England and France captains, with DB and ZZ embroidered on the heel... Seriously, these things are basically pornographic.

The limited edition boots are complete with fine details, such as initials in the heel.

But if you're more of a pitch-side admirer than a player, the packages also come with stud-free trainer recreations of the classic boots.

Beyond footwear, the packages also include two distinct tracksuits and tops, inspired by Real Madrid's 2003/04 strip, which they both sported together following Beckham's transfer from Manchester United.

However, pure unadulterated beauty like this does not come easily, or cheaply for that matter. The German manufacturer hasn't let on just how limited these limited edition packages are, but it seems safe to assume they will absolutely fly off shelves.

The 25 Years of Predator boots are things of beauty.

Plus, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on them, then it won't be without parting with a fair wad of cash. The boots alone are priced at £300 ($395), while the trainer versions are £220 ($290).

If you want a taste of the action but can't afford to stump up quite so much, then you could get one of the jackets for £95 ($125), a top for £85 ($112) or the bottoms for £65 ($85).

The 25 Years of Predator packs will go on sale this Thursday, though you can put in your pre-order online now.


But if you do manage to convince yourself to spunk your wage on a pair of the oh-so-sexy boots, an even tougher decision then awaits: Accelerators or Precision?

Featured Image Credit: Adidas

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