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Angry Fans Hurl Abuse At Manchester United's Paul Pogba

Angry Fans Hurl Abuse At Manchester United's Paul Pogba

Clips filmed after the match show fans swearing at the midfielder

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Manchester United's Paul Pogba found himself caught up in an altercation with angry fans following his team's defeat against Cardiff City this afternoon.

The 26-year-old midfielder was on the receiving end of verbal abuse from some fans, after the Red Devils lost two-nil to Cardiff in the last game of the season.

Footage filmed after the match and shared online shows a number of fans choosing to hurl abuse at Pogba following the game.

Angry fans shouted abuse at Paul Pogba following today's match.

In one of the clips, which you can see here, a man can be heard shouting: "All this fucking Instagram. You're shite, mate. Pack your bags and fuck off."

In a second clip a fan shouts towards manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, demanding: "Ole. Ole. Get him out!" while pointing at the Frenchman.

Pogba appeared to take the abuse on the chin, giving the man a disapproving look, before putting his hands together and walking off down the tunnel.

After the clips were shared on social media others have slammed the fans who were shouting abuse, calling them 'embarrassing' and branding their actions 'disgusting'.

It's fair to say it's not been a great season for United, who have just had to watch their rivals Manchester City win the league.

Manchester United lost two-nil to Cardiff City today.

Speaking to BBC Sport following the match, Solskjaer admitted it would be a 'long time' before the team were ready to challenge for the title again.

He said: "More or less the only positive from today is that the season is over. We meet again on 1st July and we will work back to where we belong.

"To reach the leaders it will take a long time. For ourselves, the short-term focus in the league will be getting into the top four.

"We have got the Europa League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup to go for a trophy because Manchester United can't go many years without winning a trophy. José [Mourinho] won the Europa League last and that is a realistic ambition.

"In the league, the points we are behind the top two, they have been excellent, those two. Absolutely exceptional. And we are five or six points behind Arsenal, Tottenham [Hotspur], Chelsea. They are the ones we have to make sure we catch up and don't let anyone closer to us."

Featured Image Credit: PA