Bloke Catches Cricket Ball One-Handed Without Spilling His Beer


Bloke Catches Cricket Ball One-Handed Without Spilling His Beer

A bloke has gone viral faster than you can say 'Bro, hold my beer' after he was caught on film catching a ball at a cricket match without spilling his drink.

The spectator had been watching an Aussie Big Bash League game when the ball came zooming towards him, after Perth Scorchers' Ashton Turner hit it over the point boundary.

The sports fan, a man named Tom, not only managed to catch it one-handed, he was able to do so without spilling the beer he held in his other hand - making him an instant hero, in the eyes of the internet.

In coverage from the match, commentator Mark Howard said: "Turner does it again! That's the best of the lot."


As the camera zooms in on the crowd, Howard continues: "Nice work in the crowd too.

"[...] He did not spill a drop. Old mate in the Patagonia shirt went down."

Credit: BBL/Fox
Credit: BBL/Fox

Action reply shows how another man actually leapt for the ball at first, only for Tom to calmly reach his arm out to intercept it before it came down.


After the match, Tom had a word with Channel 7 about his victorious moment.

Asked if he was a cricketer, he said: "I used to be but my dad is better than me so I gave up early."


He continued: "An untapped talent at cricket, I only came here to drink a few beers and the ball came my way and I snapped it up."

As for how he didn't spill a drop? Tom simply replied: "Priorities."

The clip has now gone viral, having been shared on social media by people across the globe.

Posting the incredible moment on Twitter, the official BBL account wrote: "What a catch from Old Mate! He's just SO casually pouched this without a worry in the world."

Advert also referred to Tom as a 'legend', while someone else tweeted: "Beer in one hand, ball in the other. Classic big bash crowd catch..."

Another Twitter user, presumably based in a country where large crowds are still off the cards due to the pandemic, lamented: "Watching that crowd catch in the BBL makes me want to be in a stadium with a beer so bad."

Featured Image Credit: BBL/Fox

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