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Carl Froch Only Took Seven Seconds To Mention Wembley On 'The Chase'

Carl Froch Only Took Seven Seconds To Mention Wembley On 'The Chase'

The former super middleweight world champion can't help but mention the time he beat George Groves at Wembley

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There's an episode on The Simpsons where Bart accidentally becomes famous because of his catchphrase. Carl Froch is basically the 'I didn't do it Kid' at this point. It took him just seven seconds to mention his moment at Wembley on The Chase. Check it out for yourself.

Froch should be famous for being one of the best pound-for-pound boxers of his time, for being a super middleweight world champion, for his excellent pair of fights with Mikkel Kessler but instead he's famous for knocking George Groves out at Wembley.

Sure the actual moment of knocking Groves out is worth being remembered for. It was a great shot to down the Londoner and it was some form of redemption for the Cobra after many felt the first fight between the pair was stopped too early.

The problem for Froch, though, is that he's not really remembered for the fight but just for repeating it so often that we now wait with baited breath for him to say it whenever he appears. We're the class staring at Bart until he says 'I knocked George Groves out in front of 80,000 people at Wembley'.

And then the 40-year-old goes on ITV quiz show The Chase and takes just seven seconds to let host Bradley Walsh remember that he is the I didn't do it kid, or in Froch's case the I did do it kid.

When Carl Froch mentions Wembley. Image: Simpsons
When Carl Froch mentions Wembley. Image: Simpsons

Froch has found a new career as a pundit and commentator on Sky Sports for some of the biggest fights in this country and he was on duty for Dillian Whyte's bout with Lucas Browne on Saturday night.

During the fight at the O2, which Whyte dominated and won in six rounds with a comprehensive stoppage, the Brit missed an uppercut.

However, on commentary, Froch made a Michael Owen-esque faux pas, saying: "The right uppercut missing quite badly there, but why not try it, he can't miss." Nice one, Carl.

Still, don't think he mentioned Groves on commentary so that's a win for him.

Words: Ryan Sidle

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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