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The Fight Is ON! McGregor And Mayweather Both Make Weight

The Fight Is ON! McGregor And Mayweather Both Make Weight

The weigh-in didn't pass off without controversial comments though.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

It's the final time we'll see Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor before the big fight.

As 'two worlds collide' in boxing and MMA, there's no doubt that the build-up for this fight has been bigger than any in history.

The 49-0 undefeated boxing star of Floyd Mayweather, 40, has put his reputation on the line to face MMA star, the 'Notorious' Conor McGregor.

The pair met on stage in Las Vegas for the weigh-in, watched on by a fair-sized crowd - about half what the arena can hold in total. The doors opened at 11am PDT (19:00 BST).

Conor dressed bare-chested, an Irish flag draped across his shoulders, and sunglasses with the lenses flipped up. Mayweather was cladded in a white t-shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms and a white cap, walking out to 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins.

They were introduced by boxing MC legend, Jimmy Lennon Jr, walking past the ring where they will both fight on Saturday night.

Conor McGregor took the scales first, and he stripped down, Mayweather laughed at his figure.

The weight of McGregor: 153lbs. One pound below the weight limit for the fight.

Mayweather weighed in at: 149.5lbs. However, it's not uncommon for him to come several pounds under the weight - the heaviest he has ever fought, despite fighting at this limit on five occasions, is 151lbs.

The pair then went centre stage to square up to each other. Conor shouted: "You ain't got shit on me. I'm gonna make you pay."

Mayweather stared blankly back at McGregor, who screamed in his face.

Speaking after the weigh-in McGregor said: "153[lbs]. It's sacrifice, it's dedication and it's focus. I'm in peak physical condition. I'm ready."

Conor then stated that he would be 'a lot bigger' by the time the fight comes, estimating he'll be closer to 170lbs.

He then turned patriotic, adding: "Us Irish roll in and we take whatever we want. I won't go anywhere than the centre of that ring."

Credit: PA

Mayweather spoke after and, despite being lighter, is also confident of victory.

He added: "I've been here before, I know what it takes to win a fight of this magnitude. Weight doesn't win fights, fighting wins fights.

"It won't go the distance, mark my words.

"I want to thank the fans, I'm not worried about the scale, or the last time. This will be Conor McGregor's last fight also.

"The fans can't fight for you. It comes down to the two competitors. The 49 times I went out there, it was one on one."

The prize for the winner, apart from a healthily boosted bank balance, will be the 'money belt'. With no 'official' belt on the line the World Boxing Council created this new artistic piece.

Credit: PA

It's made of Alligator leather, has 1.5kg of 24kt gold, 3,360 diamonds, 600 sapphires and 160 emeralds.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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