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Chris Jericho Has Face Cut Open With Pizza Cutter In Wrestling Match

Chris Jericho Has Face Cut Open With Pizza Cutter In Wrestling Match

The incident occurred during a 'No Rules' match with Nick Gage

Simon Catling

Simon Catling


Chris Jericho was involved in a bizarre and pretty gnarly pro wrestling stunt this week, as he had his head sliced open with a pizza cutter, live in the ring.

The grizzly incident took place during an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) 'No Rules' match between veteran wrestling legend Chris and on-screen rival Nick Gage that saw the pair brutalise each other in frequently gory scenes.

None, though, were bloodier than this moment, which saw a Gage lean over a prone Jericho and take out a pizza cutter, before running it across the 50 year-old's forehead several times causing his face to run crimson.

All Elite Wrestling

What followed was even stranger, however, as a moment later a split screen commercial from pizza chain Domino's aired, showing a cutter slicing a pizza open.

It appeared to be a piece of advertising genius between AEW and the takeaway delivery giant, but it became quickly clear that this wasn't the case.

"We share the concerns expressed about this incident and the content of this TV-14 rated program, and are assessing our advertising presence on it going forward," said Domino's spokeswoman Jenny Fouracre-Petko in a statement reported by Front Office Sports.

You can watch this incident in the clip below, if you really want to. Be warned, though - it definitely isn't for the faint of heart. Eurgh.

Jericho and Gage's match took place at the Tony Khan-owned AEW's Fight For The Fallen event on Wednesday. Gage only made his AEW debut the week before, introduced by Jericho's long-time nemesis MJF as his latest opponent of an on-going feud between the pair.

At various points during the bout, Jericho slammed Gage through a glass pane, and even hit the wrestler in the head with light tubes. He also took a huge amount of punishment himself but emerged victorious.

Gage's appearance in the high profile match is very much in keeping with his career, having been a veteran of independent wrestling promotions such as CZW, which are known for their brutal matches involving the use of weapons.

For Jericho, though, this style has become more prominent as he reaches the later years of his career.


Initially emerging as a high-flying technician who'd utilise a mixture of holds and high flying moves throughout his time in Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling during the '90s and then in the WWE, he's since become more known for these more violent affairs.

Notoriously he feuded with Kenny Omega in New Japan Pro Wrestling, culminating in a bloody match between the two promotions' renowned Wrestle Kingdom event in Tokyo in January 2018, which he lost.

He repeated then repeated the physicality of that match a year later with Tetsuya Naito in another losing effort for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, before joining the newly launched AEW in 2019, becoming their first World Heavyweight Champion - a belt that he has since lost.

Following his victory over Gage on Wednesday night he posted a photo on social media showing his numerous battle scars.

"Much respect to [Nick Gage]," Jericho said in the caption.

Not sure I'd say that about a man who'd dragged a pizza cutter across my forehead, but there we go.

Featured Image Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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