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Cristiano Ronaldo Hires Strongman Body Guard Following ISIS Threats

Cristiano Ronaldo Hires Strongman Body Guard Following ISIS Threats

The footballer has reportedly hired a man who enjoys wrestling bulls and a former MMA fighter to keep him safe during the World Cup

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Cristiano Ronaldo has hired a strongman bodyguard to keep an eye on him following threats from ISIS.

The 33-year-old footballer has enlisted the services of Nuno Marecos, who likes to keep himself in shape by grappling with bulls.

Marecos recently travelled with Ronaldo to the Champions League final in Kiev, and is believed to be travelling with the Portuguese star to the World Cup in Russia.

Nuno Marecos and Goncalo Salgado with Ronaldo in Kiev.

He is also reportedly hiring an MMA fighter called Goncalo Salgado.

The beefed-up security comes after ISIS shared some grim propaganda featuring the footie player. Mocked-up images showing Ronaldo and Lionel Messi pinned to the ground before being beheaded by terrorist fighters were shared with the caption: "Your blood will fill the ground."

Other disturbing images showed a picture of the World Cup with the phrase 'we will be there' imprinted in front of it.

Understandably, after the photos appeared online there were numerous reports that Ronaldo would be looking to upgrade his security staff.

And he appears to have found himself a couple of good 'uns. Nuno takes part in a Portuguese bullfighting tradition called 'pega de cara' - where the men, known as forcados, use their combined strength to subdue the half-tonne bulls, without weapons.

Unlike traditional Spanish bullfighting events, the bulls in these festivals are not killed at the end; however serious injuries are often inflicted on the men taking part. Still, their choice, I guess.


He believes that the key to success is having 'respect for the bull', saying: "We give everything we can to help each other.

"Only through this spirit of friendship and a lot of admiration for the bull, are we able to triumph and do things that we often only dream about."

Whatever floats your boat, pal.

Meanwhile, Salgado's MMA record shows he has won seven fights, five by knockout, and lost two as a super heavyweight between 2006 and 2011.

Both men work for a private security firm run by an ex-spy, so I think it's pretty fair to assume Ronaldo is in safe hands.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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