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Cyclists Legs Look Hulk-Like Following Gruelling Race In Spain

Cyclists Legs Look Hulk-Like Following Gruelling Race In Spain

A cyclist has shared a photograph of his legs looking fit to burst following a gruelling race in Spain.

José Joaquín Rojas has been competing in the cycling Tour of Spain, or Vuelta a España - the Spanish equivalent of the Tour de France.

Thumbs up if you want to see a pic of a leg that looks like it's about to explode. Credit: Newsflash
Thumbs up if you want to see a pic of a leg that looks like it's about to explode. Credit: Newsflash

The competition - which has been shortened to an 18-stage format due to the pandemic - has clearly taken its toll on the 35-year-old's pins, as a photograph shared on his Instagram graphically demonstrates.


Bear in mind as well that this was taken after the seventh stage, meaning these legs have got 11 more arduous stages to get through:

No way, José.

Do we all have veins like that on our shins? If so, I never want to see mine.


Even the Spaniard's fellow pros were shocked by his bulging network of blood tubes.

Commenting on the photo - captioned 'my legs seem to hurt' - Dani Sordo said: "Madre mía!!!"

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Former Ecuadorian teammate Andrey Amador, of the Ricardo Carapaz team, also left a message asking the Movistar team cyclist not to 'attack' them again in the race.

This is not the first time José has shared a snap of his legs looking like they're on the brink of exploding. He posted a similar photo in May 2019, captioned: "Stage 13 of the Tour of Italy. Ready for war, right?"


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Before this, he broke his tibia and fibula - you guessed it, falling off his bike.

Be warned though, the picture he shared of this injury makes the bulgy veins above seem almost cute.



Well, I guess we've all got to get our kicks somehow.

Some of us like lounging about on the sofa, others play the clarinet. José likes kicking the s*** out of his legs.

Each to their own.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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