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Eddie Hall Announces Date For Fight With Hafþór 'The Mountain' Björnsson

Eddie Hall Announces Date For Fight With Hafþór 'The Mountain' Björnsson

Eddie Hall announced the news on Instagram

Simon Fearn

Simon Fearn

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall has announced he is set to fight Hafþór 'The Mountain' Björnsson on 18 September.

Posting on his Instagram page, he said: "FINALLY - Watch me correct history from your own home for $9.99. Ticket sales will be live on 5th July."

The upcoming boxing match - dubbed the heaviest fight in history - will see former winner of the World's Strongest Man Hall go up against Game of Thrones star Björnsson.

Hall accepted Björnsson's offer of a boxing match last May, but it's only now that a date for the fight has been firmed up.

The pair had some beef after Björnsson accused Hall of cheating in World's Strongest Man 2017 - so they're taking their disagreement into the ring.

Both men have undergone dramatic transformations as they get ready for their head-to-head.

Back in January, Hall announced he had lost five and a half stone since winning World's Strongest Man.

Eddie Hall.

He's been focusing on getting in shape to face off with Björnsson, revealing he'd been chowing down on 7,000 calories a day and pushing himself with gruelling daily cardio, swimming and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions.

He's also had to learn the art of boxing, which he's described as a 'whole new ballgame' which 'requires a different kind of fitness and endurance to Strongman'.

Meanwhile, Björnsson - who has also won World's Strongest Man - is putting himself through a strict training regime too and has lost 50kg (110lbs).

Hafþór 'The Mountain' Björnsson.

Last month he shared his intense daily routine:

6.50am - morning workout (cardio & core) glutamine and a handful of almonds

7.30am - eight eggs, avocado, 200g oats with blueberries and strawberries

9.30am - 400g beef, 400g sweet potato, handful of spinach and greens

11.50am - BCAA and Glutamine

12.00pm - 400g chicken, 400g potatoes, greens and fruit

2.00pm - blender of 150g oats, two bananas, 150g cereal, frozen berries, handful of almonds, peanut butters and glutamine

2.30pm - strongman training - BCAA, glutamine and vitargo

5.30pm - 60g protein, two bananas

6.00pm - 500g beef, potatoes and greens

8.30pm - 500g salmon, 550g sweet potatoes

10.30pm - six eggs, avocado, 30g almonds, 50g peanut butter

With both of the mountainous men having to adapt from their strongman roots to face off in the ring, it will certainly be an interesting fight.

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