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England Team's Partners Send Them Luck Ahead Of Tonight's Big Game

England Team's Partners Send Them Luck Ahead Of Tonight's Big Game

Everyone's rooting for them back home. Can they do it?

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

OK, there are only a matter of hours left until England take on Croatia for a place in the World Cup final.

With that in mind, here's something nice and sweet take your mind off biting your nails, or acquiring too much Dutch courage - you'll want to take it easy if you want to remember the match.

Harry Kane's pregnant fiancé Katie Goodland has paid a special, and quite touching, tribute to her husband-to-be before he leads out the Three Lions this evening at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

She posted a picture of Harry celebrating his first ever international goal which, when you think about it, wasn't actually that long ago at all. It came against Lithuania back in 2015.

Next to the photo of an elated Kane she wrote: "This feels like yesterday.. what a long way you've come!

"Bring it home skip."


She also posted a picture of Harry during this World Cup running to the stands for a big old embrace with Katie's dad, Harry's future father in law.

That photo simply said: "My guys #itscominghome."


Because Goodland is pregnant at the minute with the her and Harry's second child, she has obviously sent her dad out there instead of her to provide a bit of moral support.

The two have been together since they were kids, having both attended Chingford Foundation School in North East London.

Harry spoke last year about how lucky he thinks he is that he is to be married to his childhood sweetheart.

He told i News: "If I was single now and meeting people, you'd never know if they were with you for the right reasons,

"Is it the money? You'd never really know. So, I'm lucky that I've got a childhood sweetheart. She always wanted to do her own thing. She went to university and worked hard. I have a great family, they keep me grounded and they've worked just as hard as me to get me where I am."

Even though Katie Goodland isn't there, quite a few of the other players other halves have made their way to Russia.

They've been sending their support to the team as well.

Fern Hawkins, the girlfriend of Harry Maguire simply said: "Today's the day. Good luck babe."


Becky Vardy, the wife of Jamie Vardy, posted a lovely picture of her and her husband that said: "Good luck. I love you"


They'll need a bit of luck if they're to get past Croatia and reach a first World Cup final since 1966. It takes a load of luck and skill to win any tournament though. It could well happen.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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