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Tyson Fury Compared To The Undertaker After Getting Up Against Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury Compared To The Undertaker After Getting Up Against Deontay Wilder

He looked a beaten man, but he miraculously recovered

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Well, that was a hell of a fight, wasn't it?

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder both left the ring with their heads held high and their unbeaten records intact as the judges were unable to decide between the pair.

A split decision means that they'll likely come back to do it all again at some point in 2019, but both fighters can leave with a tinge of regret that they didn't win the bout.

The judges scored the fight 115 - 111 for Wilder, 114 - 110 for Fury, and 113 - 113 on the final card.


Fury controlled proceedings and looked the superior boxer, but could still have left with nothing after Wilder knocked him over on two occasions.

In what was one of the greatest final rounds in boxing history, Fury was sent sprawling to the canvas and looked a beaten man before somehow hauling himself off the canvas to take his feet and finish the fight.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder.

It was a feat of heart, desire, and guts that is rarely ever seen in sport at any level, however it did bear similarities to an incident that became famous in sports entertainment.

Within minutes of the fight's conclusion being reached, people were comparing Fury's bounce back from the canvas to The Undertaker's famous recovery tactic of appearing to be knocked clean out, before sitting ominously back up as his opponent celebrated.

Now, Tyson Fury gets his fair share of plaudits, but being compared to The Phenom, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, has to be right up there.

Especially seeing as he had actually just been punched in the face by one of the most devastating punchers in boxing history.

It doesn't end there, either - comedian Romesh Ranganathan even went as far as to compare Fury's miraculous recovery to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator rebooting.

Either way, the fight will live long in the memory of boxing fans. Both fighters proved their class and showed that the heavyweight division is at the strongest it has been for a very long time indeed.

The best part is that we might get to do it all over again. Bring it on!

Featured Image Credit: WWE/BT Sport Box Office

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