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Bloke Wins First Bet Of The Season While On All-Day Sesh, Totally Forgets Until Next Day

Bloke Wins First Bet Of The Season While On All-Day Sesh, Totally Forgets Until Next Day

The first day of the season truly is a glorious time - not only because it means you have months and months' worth of football coming your way, but also because with all that comes the chance to put your money where your mouth is and place a few bets... As this guy did:


Andrew Donnelly, an estate agent from Essex, had been out since 9am with his mates, meaning he totally forgot he'd actually won the season's first bet until he discovered drunken footage of himself walking into the bookies to collect his winnings.

The 24-year-old had filmed himself walking proudly into the betting shop to cash his bet, striding up to the counter and telling staff to 'get the safe open'.

With such confidence, it'd be safe to assume he won pretty big, right?

Well, not exactly - he bagged himself £60, despite asking the bookies incredulously: "It's more than that, ain't it?!"


"Me and my friends are all West Ham season ticket holders and as we were playing the early kick off."

Andrew told LADbible: "We were on the beers from 9am. We left the game a little early after we were getting pumped by Man City, only to find we were back in our hometown of Wickford before the 3pm kick offs.

"I walked into the bookies, put a four-fold acca on £2.50, two home wins, two draws. I had three teams and the young guy behind the counter gave me a tip for the last home win.

"Went back to the pub, watched Soccer Saturday - Jeff and the gang. By this point I was rocking.

"I was hoping to stay out for the local band in the pub at 9pm, but was never gonna happen with a 9am start."

Andrew with his mates. Credit: LADbible
Andrew with his mates. Credit: LADbible

But while Andrew wasn't confident he'd be able to stay out long enough to mark 12 hours of the sesh, he did get a nice surprise when he checked his pockets.

He continued: "I pulled the slip out my pocket around 7pm to see I had won, walked into the bookies steaming and obviously thought I would record it."

Andrew totally forgot about his half-cut encounter until he was back in the pub the next day, when his mate asked if he had managed to get any pictures of the game - which was when he discovered he'd actually filmed the whole drama unfold.

Andrew added: "I go in the bookies every week as I prefer over the counter than online, so the guys know me in there.

"You can even hear the older guy in the background mutter 'Had a few beers Andy?'."

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