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Hero Doctor And Nurse Came To Rescue Of Fan Under Cardiac Arrest At Newcastle Game

Hero Doctor And Nurse Came To Rescue Of Fan Under Cardiac Arrest At Newcastle Game

The incident took place during the 17 October game between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A doctor and nurse have spoken out after they were among the group who went to the rescue of a fan who suffered a cardiac arrest at the Newcastle United v Spurs game on 17 October.

Dr Tom Prichard was at the game with his pal, Matthew Anderson, who is also a doctor. The pair rushed down to help the fan who had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Also on hand to provide assistance was nurse Ruth McDonald who performed CPR on the man until medics arrived.

According to reports, staff from the St. John's Ambulance team were quick to get to the scene after Ruth and another nurse had been giving chest compressions and cut off the man's top for the defibrillator pads.

The anonymous man is said to be in a stable condition in hospital.

Ruth (top right with the blue coat and Newcastle scarf).

Speaking to the BBC this morning, Dr Tom Prichard said: "It all happened so quickly to be honest.

"I was sat at the Gallagher end, I could see there was something going on with the fans, they were calling over to the stewards and first raiders and I saw a lady there doing CPR on someone, so as an A&E doctor I thought I better go and offer a hand if I can and see what help I can give here.

"It's something you see at work fairly often but I haven't really seen this outside of a hospital before, there was an elderly gentleman lying on the seats in cardiac arrest.

"Luckily St John's were fairly quick, got the pads on quickly, took over CPR.

"Another friend who sat next to me, he come over as well and we gave the guy a shock with the defibrillator. Very quickly the intensive care doctor arrive, the cardiology doctor arrived and we were able to bring him back again."

On Facebook, Ruth wrote: "Me and a nurse I sit next to Tracy could see something was happening and people were frantically trying to get help.

"I took over the CPR until 2 young St. John's ambulance people arrived with a defib. I continued doing the compressions and Tracy cut off the man's top so we could get the defib pads on and deliver the first shock."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Jayne88475330/Alamy

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