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He's Back - WWE's Rey Mysterio Has Signed A Two-Year Deal

He's Back - WWE's Rey Mysterio Has Signed A Two-Year Deal

The wrestling legend has reportedly signed a new deal that will see him return to WWE in August of this year

Great news in for WWE fans - Rey Mysterio is poised to make a stunning comeback.

The former world champion has reportedly signed a two-year deal and will rejoin the sport as soon as the SummerSlam ends, according to Wrestling Standard.

That means his return is likely to coincide with the first episode of SmackDown Live on the 21st August, with his contract expected to kick in on 1st August.


The wrestler is a three-time world champion and fans will, for sure, be excited to see him back in action later this year.

It's thought that he met with WWE bosses ten days ago to get the ball rolling for his return.

Raw was broadcast from his hometown in San Diego in California, which is when it's believed the two parties came to an agreement.

He's popped up this year already, appearing at the Royal Rumble in January, as well as the Greatest Royal Rumble match in Saudi Arabia in May.

The rumour mill kicked off back in June, when eagle-eyed fans spotted that Mysterio was named as a pre-order character for the WWE 2k19 game, which seemed to signal the wrestler's inevitable return.


He left the sport in 2015, after 13 long years working for Vince McMahon.

Rey Mysterio is Spanish for 'King Mystery', and the American champ has been performing on the independent circuit for a while.

He's usually regarded as one of the very best cruiserweight wrestlers of all time and has helped to shape the trends we see in the sport today.


He was also an adopter of the Lucha Libre style of wrestling, which originates from Mexico, and was a key player in making the style more common in WWE.

People are calling for him to return to the Raw brand, where he is 'needed', but it looks like it'll be Smackdown all the way.

One Twitter user said, "Rey Mysterio is returning bitches! I'm hyped!" while another tweeted, "@reymysterio could still add so much value to @WWE. One of the very best talents in wrestling history".

Someone else referred to him as their childhood hero.

Another went as far as has called for him to become the President of Mexico, saying, "It's Election Day in Mexico. So when Rey Mysterio's president, good luck with that wall Mr. Trump." Fair point.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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