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Jake Paul Recalls John Fury's Prison Sentence After Press Conference

Jake Paul Recalls John Fury's Prison Sentence After Press Conference

The YouTuber is set to step in the ring with Tommy Fury on 18 December

Jake Paul has hit out at Tommy Fury's father John in the lead up to his long-awaited boxing match with Tommy next month.

John was sentenced to 11 years in prison back in 2011 after he gauged out a man's eye. He was released in 2015 after serving four years.

Oathie Sykes was left half-blind after violence erupted at a car auction over a 12-year grudge.

John Fury.

The Fury patriarch, who is now banned from entering the US because of his conviction, and YouTuber clashed during the press conference ahead of the long-awaited bout, with John even squaring up to Paul, who was appearing on a TV screen.

Following the presser, Paul posted a screenshot of a news report from the time of John's conviction.

He then shared a photo of a man hitchhiking in the desert, with John's face photoshopped onto his body.

The YouTuber poked fun at John Fury's prison sentence.

The 24-year-old captioned the post: "John Fury has escaped prison."


Love Island star Tommy was joined by his dad and brother - and heavyweight champion of the world - Tyson Fury at the press conference yesterday (24 November), as well as promoter Frank Warren.

Paul decided to do the press conference while wearing sunglasses and a straw hat floating around in a pool, whereas the three Fury men sat on a stage in front of the TV.

John seemed to become particularly vexed by Paul's antics and even got up to square up to the screen at one stage.

"You thank your lucky stars that I'm banned from your country," he told Paul.

John and Paul clashed at the press conference.
BT Sport

He also told Paul that he would 'spark' him out if he got his hands on him.

The fight on 18 December will be the first time Paul has actually gone toe to toe with a real, active boxer, having previously only taken on a basketball player, MMA fighters and other YouTubers.

Elsewhere in the exchange, which was a bit of a shambles all round really, Paul called John a 'cringe old man' who was just living his life through his sons.

Weirdly enough, on this occasion, Tyson - who is used to being the star of the show - took a bit of a back seat and remained pretty level-headed.

John squared up to the Paul over the TV monitor.
BT Sport

Before the conference, John had revealed that his younger son would be earning more than 'some world champions' for the fight at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

He told Rob Moore: "Listen, Tommy's getting paid more money for this than some world champions.

"He's getting paid in the millions, so if we get millions for getting wet we're gonna do it, because it's good business."

Back at the conference, John Fury further ranted: "You're rubbish with a capital R. I don't know who has been blowing smoke up your ringer, but you're rubbish."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jakepaul

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