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Jorge Masvidal Scores Fastest KO In UFC History After Defeating Ben Askren In Five Seconds

Jorge Masvidal Scores Fastest KO In UFC History After Defeating Ben Askren In Five Seconds

Masvidal defeated his opponent Ben Askren in five seconds with a brutal flying knee

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

UFC 239's main card blew up last night when Jorge Masvidal set the company record for the fastest knockout in history when he blasted Ben Askren with a flying knee to end the fight in five seconds straight.

Masvidal, the company's #4 ranked welterweight, ran across the Octagon and delivered the brutal blow to #5 ranked Askren before following it up with a series of unblocked punches.

The five second fight was stopped by referee Jason Herzog who jumped on top of the downed fighter and ended the match.

Following a tumultuous built-up, the Metro reported that after the fight, Masvidal said: "I'm glad I got to end that dude. It wasn't personal. I just knew how to get inside the dude's head."

He added: "Nothing personal. It's just business. I'm here to get these cheques and get paid. He's so predictable, he's a scrub.

"I wanted to show him if he did shoot like an idiot then he'd get clipped and that would put the brakes on him, I'd beat him up and execute him. I put my hands behind my back and he fell for it."

After the knockout, Masvidal jumped down on to the canvas mocking Askren

When he was criticised for landing the blows on his opponent following the flying knee, Masvidal said: "They were super necessary, why were they not necessary? The referee hadn't pulled me off.

"My job is to hit someone until the referee pulls me off. To those people I would say maybe don't watch MMA, go back to soccer."

Jorge Masvidal celebrates his knockout victory over Ben Askren.

During his post-match interview with Joe Rogan, Masvidal unleashed a flurry of words against his fallen opponent.

"I really wanted to beat his a** for 14 minutes and 50 seconds, but it didn't happen," he said.

"You should've kept your mouth shut, I probably would have beat you in the second round."

He added: "It was quick, he's not a threat to me and my skill set. I don't want to keep talking about the dude because I gave him what he deserved.

"I'm just not a fan of his at all, so I'm glad I did him like that. I'm glad I did him like that to show the world he doesn't belong at this level."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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