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Lamar Odom Says He Used Fake Penis To Pass Drug Test

Lamar Odom Says He Used Fake Penis To Pass Drug Test

He knew that he'd fail the test due to smoking cannabis

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Former NBA star Lamar Odom has said he used a prosthetic penis filled his trainer's wee to pass an Olympic drugs test, which he knew he would fail due to smoking cannabis.

Thirty-nine-year-old Odom has written a new memoir entitled Darkness to Light, in which he opens up about the bizarre incident.

In an excerpt published in People, Odom explains that he was called up to join the 2004 US Olympic Men's Basketball team but that he had been 'smoking weed every day that summer'.

So, what did he do? Well, I'll let him tell you...

Lamar Odom played for the US Men's Basketball team in the 2004 Olympics.

"We started Googling 'fake penises'," he writes. "And studied different ways to beat a drug test.

"After an exhaustive search we ordered a giant, rubber, black cock to arrive the next day."

With the penis sorted, Odom just needed some urine, which is where his drug-free trainer comes into the whole thing.

Odom got him to "urinate into the reservoir of the phallus, which was hidden in the balls."

As the time for the test came, he went into a bathroom stall, while an NBA security official was just two feet away.

Odom writes: "I unzipped my pants and carefully slid the fake penis through the zipper hole. To get the pee to come out of the tip, I had to squeeze the shaft repeatedly."

The official tested the temperature - what a shite job he's got - and Odom passed.

Odom played on the US team and won a bronze medal. He went on to pick up a gold medal in the 2010 FIBA World Championships.

Elsewhere in the memoir, Odom, who was once married to Khloé Kardashian, opens up about his addictions to sex and drugs.

"I ran out of porn to watch!" he claims in the book. "That's how you know when you know you are going a little overboard."

He goes on to write: "I'm still an addict. I still struggle... I will not go into the darkness. Ever again."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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