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Logan Paul Was Docked Points For An Illegal Punch In KSI Fight

Logan Paul Was Docked Points For An Illegal Punch In KSI Fight

Logan Paul was deducted two points for an illegal punch which cost him the fight against fellow content creator KSI.

The American punched his opponent before grabbing onto his head and hitting him again, then once more while he was on the floor.

Referee Jack Reiss counted the knockdown in the fourth round, but deducted two points from Paul for punching while holding and for the illegal shots as KSI was on the ground.


Reiss agreed that the initial punch was clean but the ones that followed weren't - meaning Paul was penalised for the offences.

These two points proved the difference between Paul winning and losing, because it turns out he was beaten on a split decision.

The score card reveals that if the two points were added to the numbers from each of the judges, Paul would have bagged the win. Gutted.

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Paul outlined his intention to contest the referee's decision, saying: "I thought it was a legitimate knockdown. I didn't get a warning.

"I got two points taken away from me and that's the reason I lost tonight. I would love to contest the commission because I think I should have got a warning. I don't think it was fair at all."

And when asked about whether he wants to fight KSI for a third time, Paul responded: "I'd love to fight KSI again, these are the best moments of my life.


"I just want to say fair play to KSI, you are one of the toughest people I know and I wish you the best. I can talk trash but it's all for show."

The eagerly-anticipated rematch took place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. The stadium was full of celebrities including Justin Bieber and - of course - plenty of YouTubers. Rapper Rick Ross performed for KSI's ring walk.

After the fight, KSI said: "I've never worked so hard. In the ring, in camp it was tough but I just kept going. I was ready, I was on fire. He couldn't deal with my jabs to the body tonight."

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