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Mass Brawls Kicks Off Between McGregor and Khabib Fans

Mass Brawls Kicks Off Between McGregor and Khabib Fans

It was billed as one of the biggest fights in UFC history. Two men with a fierce hatred for each other stepped into the famous octagon for the scrap to end all scraps - and it didn't disappoint.

By now you'll no doubt have heard about the post-fight fight that followed Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov's hotly-anticipated bout, with the Russian admitting it hadn't shown his 'best side'.


But it wasn't just the athletes who were having a barney - footage has been released which reportedly shows fans kick seven shades out of each other in the corridors of the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas.

The shocking clip sees supposed rival fans charging into each other, with one fan trying to spear tackle another before a third comes in throwing a barrage of haymakers.

Not everyone seems to be so fazed though - one woman can be seen waving the Irish tricolour as the chaos carries on around her.

Another video shared on Twitter also shows some fans couldn't even wait for the main event to kick off and decided to have a fight at the weigh-in.

The video allegedly shows supporters of the Khabib and McGregor going toe to toe.


Stunned fans watch on as two men crash into each other after wading through several rows of chairs. One of the men is followed closely by a female supporter who swings her bag at his head, before she is confronted by another woman who lashes out at her.

I understand if you're potentially getting paid $3 million (£2.3m) to get your face smashed in, but you literally having nothing to gain from this.

Can we all just calm the fuck down, guys?

Things didn't quoie go according to plan for the Irishman during the official fight - he tapped out late in the fourth round after becoming trapped in one of Khabib's trademark choke holds.

The referee called an end to the bitter contest and it seemed as though that was it, the feud was over, and Khabib would head back home to give his bear a congratulatory cuddle.

No. Not even close.

Instead, Khabib decided to leapfrog the fence and attack a member of the Dubliner's team.

Three members of the Dagestani's entourage then invaded the octagon and began attacking McGregor. It was absolute carnage, and not the university pub crawl type, actual carnage.

It's not yet clear what will happen with the two fighters. Khabib could still see his MMA licence revoked by the Nevada Athletic Commission, who are investigating the post-fight brawl, and UFC boss Dana White has said he could be stripped of his belt.

McGregor, on the other hand, seems to have taken the defeat quite well, tweeting 'Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch' to his 7.38m followers.

Dana White however, has understandably not mentioned the possibility of a rematch, considering the pair are still watching each other's blood out of their shorts.

Fingers crossed for a Khabib Vs McGregor part two.

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