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Men’s Curling Team Notice Embarrassing Mistake After Winning First Ever Olympic Gold Medal

Men’s Curling Team Notice Embarrassing Mistake After Winning First Ever Olympic Gold Medal

The US team won the final earlier today



It was an exciting moment for the US men's curling team this week, after they won the country's first-ever Olympic gold medal within the category.

The team members - skipped by John Shuster - were elated at their 10-7 win against Sweden.

Although it was a momentous moment for the curlers to have gold medals draped around their necks for the first time in Olympic history, everyone soon noticed a rather embarrassing mistake had been made.

The Mirror reports that as the team celebrated in front of thousands of viewers, including US president Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka and the king of Sweden, they realised that the engraving on the medals said "women's curling". You had one job, medal maker.

Needless to say it was a rather red-faced moment for the organisers of the ceremony, as they scrambled to replace the medals with the correct engravings.

Luckily all was resolved and the victorious curlers were able to go back to the champagne-popping celebration.


To be fair, in the history of embarrassing moments, it's really not bad - at least they've got an amusing anecdote to go along with their spotlight moment.

Perhaps the reason for the medal mix-up was due to the organizers simply not preparing for gold - after all, it was an unlikely win.

Shuster and co. pulled a huge comeback victory over Swedish skip Niklas Edin's club at the Gangneung Curling Centre.

The match settled into a 5-5 tie through seven ends before the US stormed through with a rare five-point end in the eighth.


Speaking on the decisive blow, Shuster said: "During the entire end you could kind of feel it building, [Sweden's] margin for error got incredibly small.

"I was happy to get a chance to make that last one for these guys for all the shots they made throughout the course of these games."

From the sounds of things, they wouldn't have cared if the medals said "men", "women", or "subterranean space-dwellers". They got the gold, and that's all that mattered.

Source: The Mirror

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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