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WWE Favourite The Big Show Is Back And He's Looking Ripped

WWE Favourite The Big Show Is Back And He's Looking Ripped

The Big Show has been posting pics on Instagram and is looking fighting fit - might he return to WWE...?

The Big Show is a seven-time world champion, the only man to have held the WCW, WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW World titles. He's even been in Star Trek.

Yup, the big man has done it all - and if rumours are to be believed, he's not yet done.

Show, aka Paul Donal Wight II, has been posting pictures recently of himself hanging out in the gym. Well, to say hanging out would be disingenuous. He's been busy. Check this out.

The man famed for his bulky frame is looking lean (in relative terms, for a man of his size), toned and fighting fit. Fans were quick to jump on the Big Show big love bandwagon.

"Damn! They're going to have to call you 'the ripped show'," wrote one user.

"Please come home to WWE," added another.

Meanwhile a third fan expressed hopes that Show's healthy looking physique was a sign that he might be ready to be return to the ring.

They wrote: "Wow, amazing to @wwethebigshow getting even better with age my friend. I sense at least 1 last long title reign. You look to be in better shape now than when you were young. You just might be in better shape now than when you debuted in WCW Way to go Show very proud of you man keep it up brother!!!"

In another post, Big Show can be seen bench pressing an extraordinary amount of weights while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, in possibly the most American Deep South Instagram video of all time.

Fans were once again quick to jump onto his post and heap praise upon the champ.

The Big Show has been out of the ring since the middle of 2017 when a hip injury rendered him inactive. He was reportedly written out of WWE in order for him to get surgery, but his contract expired in February of this year and he is yet to return.

However, if his Instagram game is anything to go by, it looks like it won't be a long time before we see the Big Show back in the ring, kicking ass, lifting belts, and hopefully scooping up Star Trek bitparts. Whooop!

Featured Image Credit: WWE / Instagram

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