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The Undertaker And Triple H Roll Back The Years With Epic Matchup At WWE SSD

The Undertaker And Triple H Roll Back The Years With Epic Matchup At WWE SSD

The Deadman vs The Game, for the last time ever. Well, sort of

It's a sad day for WWE fans of a certain age. Ok, so we've just seen The Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, and Shawn Michaels in the ring together - but it may have been for the last time ever (or, if you follow the WWE on Twitter, the #LastTimeEver).

It's certainly the last time that we'll see 'The Game' face off against 'The Deadman'. Although in the world of big money Sports Entertainment:tm: nothing is ever certain.

However, if true, that would see the last remnants of the 'Attitude Era' - unquestionably the greatest period in professional wrestling history (don't @ me) - walk out of the ring behind them. Sad times indeed.

That being said, they did at least roll back the clock for one last ding dong - a slobberknocker, if you will - at the WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia.

To be fair, they are getting on quite a bit. The Undertaker is 53 years old, Triple H is 49, Shawn Michaels is 53 as well (although he looks older), Kane is 51.

For all that, these boys can still throw themselves around quite a bit.

Of course, everyone who is interested in anything to do with this story will know that The Undertaker and Kane have previous as tag-team partners (and enemies) and Triple H and Shawn 'The Heartbreak Kid' Michaels used to wrestle together as D-Generation X.

That means that we are probably going to see a few more encounters between the various protagonists before the curtain finally comes down on the old guard for the last time.

In this match, Triple H eventually won the bout, but still ended up being on the business end of a 'Tombstone Piledriver' from his old foe 'The Phenom' afterwards.

That, and 'Taker also delivered a Choke Slam straight through a table for good measure.

As I say, these LADs can still throw their weight around just fine.

It looks as if all of this is building towards a tag-team match-up between the four at the next big overseas event planned by World Wrestling Entertainment - Crown Jewels.

This whole business is part of an ongoing attempt by the WWE to expand to become a truly global brand - as if it wasn't already.

After this Australian adventure, Crown Jewels will take place in Saudi Arabia, something that has garnered quite a bit of criticism for the organisation in the past.

That said, it'll be good for business, especially if they bring a taste of that old 'Attitude Era' magic with them.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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