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Triathlete Lets Fellow Competitor Go Ahead Of Him After He Takes Wrong Turn

Triathlete Lets Fellow Competitor Go Ahead Of Him After He Takes Wrong Turn

Diego Méntrida has been widely praised for his display of good sportsmanship

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A Spanish triathlete has been commended for his good sportsmanship after he spotted a competitor go the wrong way just ahead of the finish line and waited so the fella could win.

Diego Méntrida saw British competitor James Teagle go the wrong way just before the end of the Santander Triathlon in Spain last week, but rather than rush on ahead and take the win - Méntrida paused just before the finish line and waited for Teagle to cross before him. What a nice fella, eh?

After his win Teagle can be seen approaching Méntrida to shake his hand.

Posting on Instagram, Teagle wrote: "I missed the finish chute in a triathlon in Spain. After around 50m I realised and sprinted back. By that point @diegomentrida was 50m from the finish chute and we ended up sprinting for the line. I crashed into the barrier and thought it was over.

"@diegomentrida then did the unexpected... Having seen what happened he stopped and allowed me to pass showing incredible sportsmanship and integrity!"

And it's not just Teagle who was quick to heap praise on Méntrida, a clip of the moment has now gone viral picking up almost 100,000 likes in about 12 hours.

Responding to the clip, one Twitter user wrote: "Wow! What sportsmanship! The guy made a decision in two seconds (after who know how many hours of racing) that winning is not worth it if it's not earned fairly."

Another added: "Because winning this way isn't really winning anyway. Character, honour, integrity are much more meaningful things to win at."

Fellow athletes have also praised Méntrida's display of sportsmanship, including Liverpool goalkeeper

Adrián San Miguel who shared the clip, writing: "The real values of SPORT in a single gesture: James Teagle got confused on the last corner and was passed by Diego Méntrida who did this... #respect #fairplay."


In response to all the attention, humble Méntrida posted on Instagram to thank everyone for their kind words.

He wrote: "I wanted to thank all of you who are writing and supporting me after the gesture in the Santader Triathlon.

"This is something my parents and my club @triatlonecosport have taught me since I was little. In my opinion it should be considered as a normal situation.

"I never thought that something like this would go so far and be echoed in so many media. But it is a pride to receive so much affection."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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