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Tyson Fury Beats Braun Strowman At WWE Saudi Arabia Show

Tyson Fury Beats Braun Strowman At WWE Saudi Arabia Show

Tyson Fury was victorious in his wrestling debut after knocking out opponent Braun Strowman.


The British former heavyweight boxing champion went against Strowman for a one-off fight as part of WWE's Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia this evening.

Fury kicked things off by making a dramatic entrance wearing a thobe and keffiyeh headdress - a traditional ensemble in Saudi Arabia - while fireworks, lasers and pyrotechnics added to the theatrics as the Isley Brothers' 'It's Your Thing' played.

The former unified heavyweight champ then went on to trade blows with his WWE superstar opponent, both treating fans to a strong display - at one point, Fury even performing a drop kick on Strowman outside of the ring.


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Tyson Fury Confronts Braun Strowman At WWE Smackdown Event In Los Angeles

During the proceedings, Fury also paid homage to the Undertaker, Mark Calaway's iconic wrestling alter-ego, recreating his classic 'sit-up' move as a little nod to the comparisons that were made during his fight with Deontay Wilder last year.

Eventually, Fury picked up a victory via count out when he nailed Strowman with a powerful right hand, with the WWE superstar unable to beat the referee's ten count.

Fury and Strowman's beef had all begun earlier this month when Fury was in the crowd at WWE's TV show, Friday Night Smackdown.

He got into an altercation with Strowman, and three days later the two had to be held apart by other wrestlers when they rocked up to Monday Night Raw.

Tonight's fight was the next step for fans, who have been excited to see Fury swap shorts for spandex.

And it seems many people were left feeling impressed with Fury's wrestling debut, with one tweeting mid-way through the fight: "Tyson Fury is doing a damn good job for his first ever wrestling match. You can tell he took his training seriously."

Another said: "Pretty rad to see Tyson Fury is trying to put on an actual match at Crown Jewel. Not just punching the whole time with lots of bells and whistles."

Someone else admitted it was 'more entertaining' than they thought it would be, while many others said Fury was a 'natural' and had been 'great'.

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