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Tyson Fury Supports CALM Campaign Encouraging Conversations About Mental Health

Tyson Fury Supports CALM Campaign Encouraging Conversations About Mental Health

The #InvisibleOpponent can be beaten

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has launched a new campaign featuring Tyson Fury, aimed at encouraging people to talk and share their feelings, because no struggle cannot be overcome.

The video shows Fury - the world heavyweight champion boxer - ducking and diving around the ring in his trademark fashion, but against an invisible opponent... which is also the name for the campaign.

It aims to show that sometimes the most difficult opponents that we can face are the ones that we cannot see, and to encourage people to share their problems and understand that someone is always standing in their corner, ready to listen.

As the video progresses, the #InvisibleOpponent manages to get the upper hand against Fury, and he's eventually floored by the unseen punches.

However, he manages to get up and stand once again.


The text on-screen reads: "Sometimes the toughest opponents are the ones you can't see,

"Don't fight it alone."

Then, the helpline number for CALM - 0800 58 58 58 - appears on the screen, followed by the message 'United Against Suicide'.

Fury has made no secret in the past of his struggles with his mental health, and has described it as 'the biggest battle I've ever ever fought with, more than any opponent'.

He's also described mental health struggles as a 'silent killer' and added: "I could be on the verge of suicide and you couldn't tell, because you can't see inside someone's mind."

In 2015, Fury won a famous victory against Wladimir Klitschko and took his first world title.

However, after achieving his life's goal, he fell into darkness.

Despite his wealth, fame, and success, Fury found himself on the brink of suicide, and even found himself contemplating crashing his car at high speed in an attempt to end his life.

Now, he's turned himself around, and - while his struggles haven't disappeared for good - he's attempting to use his platform to encourage others to seek help.


Speaking to talkSPORT, 'The Gypsy King' said: "We battle everyday as humans and people who suffer in silence, we are in a daily battle.

"I feel like now I have been able to manage my mental health through training and I use it as a medicine.

"I use structured routine, like a regimented lifestyle sort of, I like to know what I am doing and I like to have certainty in my life. If I've not got certainty in my life, everything seems to go AWOL.

"My mind starts wandering and I go very unwell again, so I like to keep myself focused on things like short term goals and that is how I maintain my battle with mental health."

He continued: "If there is anybody out there who doesn't know what to do or whatever, the best advice I could give anybody is communication with people - be it a doctor or a friend, whoever.

"Whoever you feel like you can communicate to better, speak to that person because as soon as you get help, you can start to get on to the road to recovery and get back to being well again."

If you're in need of support, you can call CALM on 0800 58 58 58 or visit their website to reach out.

Featured Image Credit: CALM

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