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Usain Bolt Still Wants To Be A Footballer And Might Have A New Club This Month

Usain Bolt Still Wants To Be A Footballer And Might Have A New Club This Month

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, tells LADbible about his new restaurant chain - and might not be done with sport just yet

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

For almost a decade, the world was treated to the 'Usain Bolt Show' - and when the Jamaican sprinter was in town, fans packed into stadiums in every single country to get a glimpse. Mostly because that's all you got, and Bolt still holds the 100m track record - at a staggering 9.58 seconds.

Between 2008 and 2016, Bolt achieved the 'triple triple', winning nine gold medals in three different events, setting numerous world records along the way. But as well as becoming the fastest man in history, Bolt also became one of the most engaging and likable men in sport - thanks largely to his lightning bolt celebration.

When he retired last year, fans were understandably upset - and athletics lost one of its greatest showmen.

Bolt was never going to be one to fade into the sunset, however, as the man who said he wanted to become 'immortal' set himself a new challenge - becoming a professional footballer.

And Bolt being Bolt, he actually went out and did it.

After a brief but unsuccessful trial with Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund, Bolt was offered a contract with Australian side Central Coast Mariners, and things got off to a great start, with Bolt bagging a brace - two goals - in his full debut.

Since that impressive start, however, his fortunes faded somewhat. A contract offer came in October, but it was around £2.9m short of the £3m his management were reportedly looking for.

Bolt walked away from the Mariners, leaving him without a club. But that might not be the case for long, he says.

Speaking to LADbible, Bolt said that while 'things had come to an end' with Mariners, he was still focused on following his dream.

He said: "For sure it's at the forefront of my mind, I don't want to just be known as a sports person but I do want to do football because it's a dream of mine and something I still want to pursue.

"Hopefully we will know by the end of the month if it's something that I am going to continue or if it's the end. It just didn't work out with (Mariners)."

The 32-year old has revealed both Pogba and Sterling have been giving him advice as he vies for a professional contract.

Bolt told the Mirror: "I've talked to Pogba and Sterling and they are happy to see me trying, they say 'come on, you can do it'.

"They support me, so I'm not going to worry about some simple players saying some things about me because I have high-level players knowing this is a dream and what I want to do.

"This is not about all about the money. This is a dream, and I want to try and see how good I can be."

Usain Bolt celebrated the grand opening of his new restaurant with actor Idris Elba.
Instagram/Usain Bolt

Bolt was speaking ahead of the launch of his new Jamaican-themed restaurant Tracks and Records, which opened last month in London - the first outside of his homeland - which already has three.

The restaurant is decked out with a variety of Bolt's sports memorabilia and also has a dance floor.

The sports star has been celebrating his new venture with plenty of A-list celebrities, including the 'Sexiest Man in The World', Idris Elba. He's also plotting the next move for the Bolt empire.

Bolt told LADbible: "I am very happy with the restaurant situation so far. It's got all the Jamaican food and it's a great vibe with the music at the entrance. I am really happy.

"Hopefully we can take it to other cities in the country as well.

"There are other things we are going to do but I don't like to speak about them until they have come to the forefront.

"But there's definitely more things to come."

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