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​Valentina Shevchenko Lands ‘One Of Most Brutal Headkick Knockouts’ Ever At UFC 238

​Valentina Shevchenko Lands ‘One Of Most Brutal Headkick Knockouts’ Ever At UFC 238

MMA fighter Valentina Shevchenko managed to earn her first successful flyweight title defence last night after landing what's been dubbed 'one of the most brutal headkick knockouts' ever at UFC 238.

In her first round against Jessica Eye, the Kyrgyzstani-Peruvian fighter busted out some forceful kicks to her opponent's body.


But it was in the second round that Shevchenko - who's known as 'The Bullet' - delivered one of the most deadly blows UFC has ever seen.

Social media soon became flooded with everyone commending Shevchenko's unbelieveable victory, with one person tweeting: "Valentina Shevchenko with one of the most brutal headkick knockouts you will ever see."

Another agreed, writing: "Valentina Shevchenko with one of the most spectacular head-kick KOs you will ever see."

Someone else said: "Valentina Shevchenko is the most dangerous woman on the planet."


A fourth added: "Oh. My. God. Valentina Shevchenko just knocked out Jessica Eye with a brutal head kick. Take a bow @BulletValentina."

Another person said: "Holy fucking shit. Valentina Shevchenko is a fucking killer. One of the most brutal headlock KOs I've ever seen. Wowwwwww."

Others also noted the 'crazy' sound you could hear as she planted her food on Eye's head, with one saying: "Valentina Shevchenko kicked Jessica Eye so hard to the head. Fear soon ran through everyone watching #UFC238. Listen for the moment when her shin make contact with her head. Devastating."

Following her incredible performance, 31-year-old Shevchenko said: "This is what we have to have in this kind of sport, to be healthy.

"Thank you, Jessica, for a courageous performance."

Eye was out cold for some time, but thankfully eventually came round after around a minute.

In a post-fight interview with UFC, Shevchenko said she had been worried about her opponent, saying: "My biggest thought every time is that I wish for everyone to be healthy. It doesn't matter what's happening in the fight - it doesn't matter what's happening before the fight."

Valentina Shevchenko. Credit: PA
Valentina Shevchenko. Credit: PA

When asked who should challenge her next, Shevchenko said: "Everyone who is number one in the lightweight division. I will be happy to share the octagon with everyone with everyone who stands right behind me."

For the evening's main event, Henry Cejudo became the fourth double champion in UFC history after winning the vacant bantamweight title with a third-round TKO win over Marlon Moraes.

After his victory, he said: "My name is Triple C. Olympic champ, flyweight champ and bantamweight champ. I'm the best combat sports athlete of all time."

Fellow fighter Conor McGregor congratulated Cejudo on Twitter saying: "Welcome to the club."

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