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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Trolls On Cristiano Ronaldo's Overhead Kick

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Trolls On Cristiano Ronaldo's Overhead Kick

Cristiano definitely 'Dared to Zlatan' last night.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

There have been some great overhead kicks in football history - Rooney vs Man City, Trevor Sinclair vs Barnsley, and Georgios Samaras vs Aberdeen (just me?).

Cristiano Ronaldo definitely scored one of the best ever last night in the Champions League against Juventus.

But, despite the Real Madrid star's best efforts, Zlatan Ibrahimovic probably still holds the record for greatest overhead kick of all time - 40 metres from goal against England to win the match.

If you know anything about Zlatan, you'll already know that he thinks his was better, too.

In fact, when asked about Ronaldo's goal on US TV show Sportscenter, he replied: "It was a nice goal, but he should try it from 40 metres."

Fair enough, but surely Zlatan should try it away from home in the Champions League quarter-final against literally any goalkeeper that isn't Joe Hart? The jury is still out.

If you've not seen Ronaldo's performance last night against Juventus, go and check it out - you won't regret it.

He opened the scoring with a clinical finish after some great movement within three minutes, however, that was just a warm up for what he had planned in the second half.

The ball broke into the Juventus area, he crossed the ball from the by-line and then moved to the centre of the box for a return cross, when the ball came in he went for a bicycle kick.

To say he caught hold of it is somewhat of an understatement. He smashed it into the top corner past one of the best goalkeepers of a generation, Gigi Buffon.

The goal was so perfect that the Juventus fans gave him a standing ovation - which very rarely happens.

Zlatan's bicycle kick was one of all four goals for Sweden against England, and it's still bloody impressive no matter when or who it came.


Whatever side of the argument you're on here, it's a treat to be able to watch both goals again and argue about it.

Whilst we're at it - Zlatan made his debut for LA Galaxy the other day and as well as scoring the winning goal he also produced a moment of magic with a 40-yard volley - classic Zlatan.

It probably isn't worth arguing who is the best player out of Cristiano, Lionel Messi, and Zlatan.

Messi and Cristiano have the numbers (by a long way) but Zlatan surely remains the undisputed champion of scoring bizarre goals.

Before you get angry and take it out on the internet, just go and watch the evidence. I guarantee you'll feel better.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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