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Apple Has Unveiled Over 50 New Emojis

Apple Has Unveiled Over 50 New Emojis

Apple has revealed a load of new emojis that are set for release, as it tests out its new update - you could even have them this month. Imagine that.

The second version of the tech firm's iOS 13.2 beta shows the range of new emojis that we'll soon be able to choose from, including falafel, disability-themed images and a bigger variety of skin tones.

It even includes mechanical limbs - another step forward to greater representation and inclusivity in the wonderful world of emoji.


Although most of them were announced a few months back, the final update is set to include 59 new characters. One of the most notable additions is the variety of skin tones holding hands - something that has been requested for a long time.

Other notable ones include a yawning face - a great alternative to the face with 'zzz's coming out of it for when you want to tell someone in no uncertain terms that they're boring you to death.

Another that will be included is the little pinching hand. Yes, while that most certainly does look like a hand ready to pinch someone or something, it also looks a hell of a lot like the symbol for when you want to say something is small.

Spare a thought for the poor Twitter user who posted: "Damn, now girls can make fun of my small d*** with this new pinching hand emoji."

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Other things included are an axe (for some unknown reason), a yo-yo and a sloth - but no disco ball? Makes no sense whatsoever.

And if you've got to this point in the article and have been left wondering why emojis aren't sexier - well, I have news for you.

A new study published in the journal PLoS ONE revealed a link between people using emojis and their ability to land dates and have sex - and guess what, they pull more.

The study is classically titled Worth a thousand interpersonal words: Emoji as affective signals for relationship-oriented digital communication.


Study authors wrote: "Across two studies, we assessed attitudes toward and frequency of emoji use, and whether signalling affect via emoji use relates to more romantic and sexual opportunities.

"Our findings suggest that emoji use with potential partners is associated with maintaining connection beyond the first date, and more romantic and sexual interactions over the previous year."

So there you have it.

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