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Apple's iPhone Update Will Stop You Having To Speak To Cold Callers

Apple's iPhone Update Will Stop You Having To Speak To Cold Callers

The new iOS 13 system update will send them straight to voicemail

Spam calls are the absolute pits. You don't want to take them, the person at the other end of the phone doesn't want to be calling you. A grim experience all round.

But thanks to Apple's next iPhone update - iOS 13 - they could soon be a thing of the past, as the technology aims to stop them from getting through to you. Thank the sweet Lord.

Yes, the tech boffins at the firm's California HQ have worked their magic and given users the option of sending any number that is not saved to their contacts straight through to voicemail.

Speaking to Sunrise, an Australian Apple spokesperson explained exactly how it works.

He said: "If you have an iPhone and you've upgraded to iOS 13, the latest version of their operating system, there's something called 'silence unwanted calls', which you can easily set up yourself.

The new update will save users from having to speak to cold callers.

"Scroll down to 'Phone' and switch on 'Silence Unknown Callers'. What that does is any number that your phone has no experience with - one that's not in your contact list or a private number - it goes straight to voicemail."

But as well as putting an end to those pesky cold callers, the new update also boasts a host of other nifty improvements.

For example, users will be able to switch a new 'dark mode' which is easier on the eyes, and they have improved camera settings. The update also gives users greater control over privacy, such as WiFi access.

But maybe software updates are the least of your worries; maybe you're one of those klutzes who've smashed their screen. We've all been there, our hearts broken into almost as many pieces as the screen itself.

Well, the bosses at Apple have warned customers about going to dodgy tech shops on the high street and urged them to get it fixed by an official Apple technician.

Tech boffins at Apple have engineered a bunch of improvements for the latest software update.

In a post on the Apple website, the tech giant explained that genuine iPhone displays are 'designed, tested and manufactured for Apple quality and performance standards', and because of this it's important for 'certified technicians' to repair it, as they'll use genuine Apple display parts and will have completed official service training.

Such service providers include Apple, Apple Authorised Service Providers or Independent Repair Providers using genuine Apple parts, Apple advised.

The company said: "Replacements not performed by Apple, authorised service providers, or certified technicians might not follow proper safety and repair procedures and could result in improper function or issues with display quality or safety."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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