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Tesla Owners Can Now Change Their Horn To A Fart Sound

Tesla Owners Can Now Change Their Horn To A Fart Sound

The new updates will allow the cars to make a bunch of new sounds that can be heard outside the vehicle

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Tesla owners can now change their horn to a variety of bizarre sounds including farts and goats.

In its Holiday Software Update, drivers were treated to numerous new features but, naturally, the most fun one is making your car fart on demand.

Tesla owner have previously been able to make their motors fart - with previous updates allowing drivers to customise their turning indicator noise.

But the new update means they can be played out through car's built-in pedestrian speakers in something called 'Boombox mode' - meaning everyone outside your car can hear it.

If you don't fancy any of the options available, you can also upload your own custom sounds, but I reckon you'll struggle to find funnier than a fart, to be honest.

Sadly, Tesla boss Elon Musk confirmed that if you have a model without the built-in pedestrian speakers you won't be able to take advantage of the feature.

According to Car and Driver, the feature won't work while the car is on the move, meaning you won't be able to toot fart sounds at people who annoy you while driving but you can do it as much as you like when you're parked up somewhere.

This latter limitation is most likely to ensure the cars are compliant with road safety regulations.

Tesla also warns that drivers to: "Please check local laws before use in public spaces."

Imagine getting in trouble with the police over a farting car... it's just not worth is it?


Tesla drivers are already loving the new feature, with videos on social media showing them their cars farting, playing La Cucaracha or firing off a quick round of applause.

As well as being able to turn your car into a boombox, the Holiday Update also gave Tesla owner access to three new games - The Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest, and Solitaire - all of which play while parked.

Urging Tesla owners to try out the new games, Musk added: "Entertainment will be critical when cars drive themselves."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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