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You Can Finally Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing A Mask

You Can Finally Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing A Mask

A new update has been released

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Although it might be one of the more minor inconveniences of the pandemic, one irritating tech issue has finally been solved - you can now unlock your iPhone without taking your mask off. Here's how:

Apple has released iOS 14.5, with a load of updates on it. It includes the addition of more than 200 new emojis and the ability to share specific song lyrics to Instagram stories.

But one update that will most likely be useful for the foreseeable future, allows you to unlock your iPhone while you have your face mask on.

The new feature - introduced with iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 - requires an iPhone X or later and an Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

To set the feature up, you'll need to go into the Settings on your iPhone and go to Face ID & Passcode and turn on Unlock with Apple Watch.


This will mean that to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face covering, all you'll need to do is tap your iPhone, glance at it and slide up the bottom of your screen to unlock it.

Your watch will give you haptic feedback and show a notification informing you your iPhone is unlocked.

If you didn't mean to unlock your iPhone, you can tap the Lock iPhone button on your Apple Watch screen.


For the feature to work, your Apple Watch will need to be paired with your iPhone and you'll need to have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on.

Your Apple Watch will need to have password and wrist detection turned on and it must be on your wrist and unlocked.

Apple has just recently released a whole load of new products, including the AirTag.

Having been rumoured for a while, the product was officially launched at Apple's Spring Loaded virtual event on 20 April.


The AirTag is a small tracker that helps you find your keys and phone.

They connect to the company's Find My app and basically help you to keep tabs on anything you can attach it to, including your bag or suitcases (when we can travel again).

The AirTag comes in packs of one and four, and costs £29 and £99 respectively. They'll be available to buy from 30 April.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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