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You're All Buying Replacement iPhone Cables For Nothing

You're All Buying Replacement iPhone Cables For Nothing

Do you read the small print? Probably not, it's long, laborious jargon that continues for pages and strains your eyes every time you focus on it. Almost like they don't want you to read it.

However, if you do read it you'll realise how foolish you were for buying into a certain product/contract in the first place or, even worse, you will learn that you are actually less helpless than you think you are.


It is the latter point that applies to iPhone users. Almost everyone owns an iPhone these days. And those that don't love to tell you how shit your 'overpriced' Apple product is while they wave their tablet sized Samsung Galaxy about, which is presumably called that because you can see the thing from space.

But one of the biggest faults with the iPhone is the flimsy charger cable which is replaced on what feels like a monthly basis. You've probably bought more iPhone cables than you have phones. *LOL it's 2016, no-one's bought a phone for about eight years granddad, you get them on a contract that updates about every 24 months.*

Fair point. But anyway, at £15 a pop, iPhone chargers don't come cheap, so when you do collect a replacement one you probably rip it out the box, discard the box, then look at the cable with resentment because no matter how well you treat the damn thing it always end ups broken, just like all your relationships.

But inside that box is the small print, and there's actually some super important text on there that's not even printed particularly small.


The iPhone cable comes with a one year limited warranty.

The small print reads:

'Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty- Accesory. For Apple Branded Products Only.

The Apple One-Year Limited Warranty is a voluntary manufacturer's warranty. It provided rights separate to rights provided by consumer law, including but not limited to those relating to non-conforming goods. As such, the Apple One-Year Limited warranty benefits are in addition to, and not instead of, rights provided by consumer law.'

Pretty inspiring reading, I think you'll agree, arguably much better than the 300 words you've already sat through. But as long as you haven't ripped your iPhone cable apart in frustration of it not working, you can take it to the Apple store if you have the receipt they sent you via email (nerds) and get it replaced if it's faulty.

I hope this saves you £15.

If you're a Samsung user, sorry. Then again I doubt you can load webpages on it to read this anyway.

Words by Matthew Cooper

Lead Image Credit: PA

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You're All Buying Replacement iPhone Cables For Nothing

You're All Buying Replacement iPhone Cables For Nothing

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