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The Exact Spot You'd Need To Dig A Hole Through To China Has Been Revealed

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The Exact Spot You'd Need To Dig A Hole Through To China Has Been Revealed

If you fancy giving yourself a challenge, why not have a go at digging to China?

Maybe you wouldn't know where to begin... Well, we've got you covered.

You'll need a few things before you get cracking though, and that's mainly a super-powered drill that will get you through rock and metal.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

If you did give it a whack, it would be one hell of a hike - 20,000 kilometres to be precise. To put that into perspective, a trip from Edinburgh to London covers around 650km.

The main thing is where to start and first thing's first, it wouldn't be wise to start the dig in the back garden. Unless you live in either Argentina or Chile.

That's because those South American countries will take you directly through Earth and eventually you'd emerge in China.

If you can hack zero gravity surroundings.

You could emerge here. Credit: DPK-Photo/Alamy Stock Photo
You could emerge here. Credit: DPK-Photo/Alamy Stock Photo

Your first hurdle would come with the Earth's crust which might not sound too daunting but that's the thinnest of the layers and it also happens to be the one that humans have never been able to get through.

Which means that the other two layers have never been touched.

According to Business Insider you would eventually come to the Paris Catacombs - where there are underground ossuaries - as well as the deepest metro station, and the devil worm, the deepest animal that's ever discovered underground.


It'll be around 60 degrees Celsius, by the way, so make sure you've got your sunbathing gear.

The further down you reach, the temperature will rise to 180 degrees Celsius which could be a little more problematic that the previous temperature.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

At 40,000 metres you'd get to the second layer which is called the mantle. Temperatures there would be hitting around 1,000 degrees Celsius and you'll need a drill.


At 150,000 metres it's wise to keep an eye out for diamonds and by three million metres, you'll be at the third layer which is made of iron and nickel.

There's also low gravity here because you're so deep inside Earth so it's here where you'd been to whip out your heat and pressure proof submarine.

When you reached the inside layer you'd experience zero gravity and as you get to the other side of that you'd feel the pull from above.

Eventually, however, you would reach your destination - China! And it's best to try and leave a tunnel behind so that you could travel back which would take an extremely impressive hour.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Rebecca Shepherd
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