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Time Traveller Claims Something Big Is Happening On Christmas Day This Year

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Time Traveller Claims Something Big Is Happening On Christmas Day This Year

A so-called TikTok 'time traveller' has claimed that there are some major world events happening soon into the future, and we’ve only got to wait until Christmas Day to find out what they are.


Of course, it’s a load of absolute horses**t, but for some reason people seem to enjoy consuming their content, so here we go.

The online charlatan, who boldly boasts ‘yes, I’m a real time traveller’ – readers, he is not – claims that this Christmas Day will become famous internationally for reasons more than your uncle’s racist rants after one too many sherries.

According to @thatonetimetraveler, we’ll see some pretty mad s**t start to unfold on both December 20, then the big day itself on December 25.

Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler
Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler

See what you think about whether this is likely or not.

He told his 1.2 million followers, who must either have a lot of blind faith to spare or just a lot of spare time: "December 20th – 8 Humans receive super powers from the energy waves of the sun.

"December 25th (Christmas Day) – Something big will happen on this day that shocks the world, and changes the way humans live forever."

Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler
Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler

In another video, this poundshop Doctor Who has claimed that the ‘big day is remembered for centuries, and changes how humans live.’

"This will 100 percent prove that I am a real-time traveler, don't forget the date," they added.

As if you’re going to forget Christmas Day.

If it’s more bold predictions about the future you’re after, they’ve also claimed that the UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland are going to ‘unite together’ at some point in 2027 ‘creating a massive powerhouse’.

Well, it’s unclear whether he’s looked at the state of British politics recently, but that seems particularly unlikely.

There’d have to be some seriously seismic shifts before that point, at the very least.

Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler
Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler

In all honesty, people are probably more likely to get powers from the sun.

The TikToker further explained: "Other countries like this idea and this starts a big spark in uniting big nations together,"

Perhaps a number of European countries – say, about 27 – might decide to form some sort of union.

No, that would be too bizarre to even countenance.

In 2024, if you haven’t lost interest – bless you – a 35,000 year old bunker is set to be discovered.

That will be found in Argentina, and apparently it ‘has many secrets inside of it, such as ancient times, technology, hidden code, and more.’

Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler
Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler

Oh, and he also claims that the Los Angeles Lakers will win a dramatic series against the Brooklyn Nets to win the NBA basketball title.

Not sure if that has any seismic repercussions or not, but at least LeBron will be pleased.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thatonetimetraveler

Topics: Weird, Christmas, World News

Tom Wood
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