ICYMI - The Best of Irish Twitter This Week


ICYMI - The Best of Irish Twitter This Week

To the uninitiated, Twitter can be a bit of mine field. It's where memes and news stories are often born and, in many ways, it's a language in and of itself. And then, of course, you've got the specific subculture that is Irish Twitter which is a whole other ball game.

We here at LADBible understand that it can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of a platform that feels like if you blink, you'll miss something crucial. That's why we've put together this nifty guide to the best of what's occurred on Irish Twitter this week - the funniest memes, the hottest takes and the moments that just made us say WT actual F.

So grab a cuppa, sit back and catch up on all the best tweets you might have missed this week, safe in the knowledge you can regurgitate them all to your friends as though they're your original thoughts in the coming week.

LOL - This week's funniest tweets


Let's kick things off on a positive note with this tweet from journalist Eoin Ó Catháin celebrating this morning's vaccine announcement which delivered not just a life saving vaccine against COVID-19 but also an elixir of life as it categorised everyone from the ages of 18 - 34 years old into the same age bracket.

Bringing things right back down, this tweet is so aggressively negative, it's like a series of sucker punches to the gut that leaves you so shocked you begin to maniacally and hysterically laugh. Bravo.


Imagine walking out of Claire's Accessories with a shot of Janssen in one arm and a gleaming pair of gold studs in each ear lobe? You would be truly invincible in that moment.

This PSA from funny man Michael Fry came as quite the bitter pill to swallow. If you need to reach us during Saturday's Euros final you can find us in our underground bunker with no phone signal or WiFi connection.


We just got war flashbacks to this Windows XP login page - what sort of PTSD must HSE workers be enduring day in day out?

TBH - The tweets that made us go 'Hmm...'

Needless to say, there has been uproar this week over the announcement that the eventual reopening of indoor dining will come with some conditions - only those who can prove they've been vaccinated will be able to avail of this liberty. It's a highly complex issue that has sparked much debate, with many people pondering the ethics of young, unvaccinated staff serving older, vaccinated, but potentially COVID-transmitting, customers.


Others have spoken about the fundamental need for measures like this to be in place for the greater good of slowing down the spread of the delta variant.

It's hard to know what way to cut it but hopefully the announcement of vaccine availability for 18-34 year olds this month will at least even the playing field somewhat.


Finance guru and noughties relic Eddie Hobbs found himself in some seriously hot water as he joined the debate on vaccine passports by comparing them to Jews being marked with the Star of David during the Holocaust. You can imagine what sort of reaction he received and, of course, he opted to silently delete the tweet with no acknowledgement or apology - a tactic that has always worked and is never thwarted by someone simply screenshotting your tweet and reposting it...

It is mind blowing that there are still public figures who seem unable to follow the simple yet crucial rule when it comes to Twitter debates, please for the love of god - just leave the Holocaust out of it?

If Hobbs didn't get the message after the onslaught of vitriol served to him by the masses on Twitter, we hope this one final almighty blow from the Auschwitz Memorial account itself will have done the trick nicely.

WTF - An ode to the tweet we just didn't see coming

Anyone who has ever braved the trenches of Grindr will know just what a warzone it truly can be - it serves a purpose, this we can't deny, but it's a breeding ground for insecure men who want to make themselves feel big by lashing out on strangers behind their phone screens, and express their bleak, antiquated views without fear of public humiliation.

But of course, in a digital age no conversation that's typed is private, a lesson one deeply insecure man named Hugo learned this week after a screenshot of his conversation with another app user in which he paints himself in a highly unflattering light went viral.

We'll let you feast your eyes on this spectacular fail below - poor Hugo seems to be under the impression everyone that lives in Dublin is affluent and that nobody beyond the county has any money? We're particularly obsessed with the thought that he believes his parents worked hard for him to talk classist shit to strangers on a hook up app.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

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