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Human 'Truth Detector' Says Jimmy Savile and Donald Trump Are The 'Best Liars' He's Seen

Human 'Truth Detector' Says Jimmy Savile and Donald Trump Are The 'Best Liars' He's Seen

Cliff Lansley teaches the military and intelligence agents how to spot liars and stop terrorist attacks

A human 'truth detector' says Jimmy Savile and Donald Trump are the 'best liars' he's seen. See why below:

Cliff Lansley is an expert in emotional intelligence and is able to read a person's entire body to determine whether or not they are telling the truth.

His techniques have proven so valuable and reliable that he has been employed by the military and intelligence services to help foil terrorist plots and train agents to extract information.

But Cliff also offers his expert opinion on the Discovery+ show Faking It, which looks back at interview footage of some of the most famous and infamous names on the planet to spot when they are lying.

And speaking to LADbible, he says the disgraced former president is one of the most natural.

He tells us: "Donald Trump was a good liar, because yes he's got gestures and leakage that we picked up on the programme, but he's, if he's got three advisors each giving different information, and one says, 'What you need to do is inject disinfectants into the veins and that will get rid of Covid', he is able to latch onto that being a truth.

Cliff says Donald Trump had a natural ability to lie.

"So he might get three truths, and they might be contradictory, but he'll take that advice that suits his story, or his persona and he'll relay it - 'I've been advised that disinfectant could work against Covid'.

"He might be a nutty professor who's given the report, but as long as Trump has that source, he can then tell the truth on camera. Now, is he telling the truth? No, because a definition of a lie is a deliberate attempt to mislead without prior notification.

"So if he's deliberately attempting to mislead people to his theory, and he's not mentioned A or C, he's just given theory B, then that's a lie, that's deceptive.

"So you can lie by not saying anything and he does a lot of that."

But while Trump seems to have an innate ability to tell an untruth, Cliff, who runs the Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA), which teaches people how to detect lies, says Savile was the hardest to decipher.

He says: "Jimmy Savile was probably the most difficult, because he used a tactic that was what we call 'hiding in plain sight'. [Mimicking Savile] 'Of course, all the girls schools are very scared of me, you know, and they should be'.

Savile, Cliff says, was hardest to detect.

"So in other words, telling the truth falsely exaggerated for effect. But it's like if I'm having a call with my girlfriend and my wife walks in, and she says, 'Who are you talking to in those soft, dulcet tones', I would say, 'It's my girlfriend, I've got seven girlfriends, I talk to them all the time when you're not here'. That's kind of what Jimmy Savile would do.

"You ridicule the question and almost say it's insulting for them to ask you that question."

He added: "We saw he went on an interview with Andrew Neil, where he was eating a banana, and he was engaging the audience and entertaining the audience.

"He uses that so human audience engagement and evasion by telling the truth falsely, quite cleverly."

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