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Fred Sirieix Announces First Dates Teen Spin-Off

Fred Sirieix Announces First Dates Teen Spin-Off

First Dates is looking for young singletons to take part in the new spin-off, Teen First Dates.

Set to air later this year, the new edition of the hit dating show will see diners aged between 16 and 19 sit down with a complete stranger, in the hope of finding true love.

The show's maître d and de facto host Fred Sirieix announced the news on his Twitter account, calling on all young romantics to get in touch and take part.


In a clip shared on his timeline, he said: "I have some great news to announce today - the First Dates restaurant is about to open its doors to teenagers.

"So if you are between the 16 and 19 years old, this is your chance to experience butterflies for the first time, find out a little bit more about yourself or simply fall in love with the love of your life.

"Rest assured that you when you get here, the team and I will look after you and you will have a great time.

"It will be a fantastic memory for you to have when you are as old as me and you have as many grey hairs as I have on my beard."

Fred wants to help young singletons find love. Credit: Channel 4
Fred wants to help young singletons find love. Credit: Channel 4

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According to reports, the six-part series will start filming later this year and will be shot in a restaurant in Manchester.

A source close to the show told The Sun: "Teen First Dates will give everyone the chance to find love - regardless of shape, size and sexuality.

"As the contestants are more inexperienced, crew are keen to be gentle with them and are expecting a lot of nerves, especially as some won't have been on a date before."


Fred told the publication: "If you're shy, it's difficult. We all have doubt, we all worry. But some worry more than others.

"This goes back to being positive about yourself. There is nothing more attractive than confidence."

This wouldn't be the first time producers have taken a different approach to the show.

As well as the new teen edition, they have also branched out into the world of celebrity, helping famous faces meet their match.


Earlier this month, Howard Brown, the man who has become the face of banking giant Halifax, stopped by the First Dates restaurant to find someone who wasn't intimidated by his fame.

However, his date Bev didn't have a clue who he was - so there was no chance of her being too overawed by his fame at least.

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