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Sex Education Season Three Shocks Viewers With Seriously Full-On Opening Scene

Sex Education Season Three Shocks Viewers With Seriously Full-On Opening Scene

The latest instalment of the hit series landed on Netflix today

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

The long-awaited third series of Sex Education is back and it's back with a bang... or several, actually.

Fans of the high school dramedy dived head first into the latest instalment as it landed on Netflix this morning, and the opening scene sure made an impression.

The chaotic montage reacquainted us with the students, teachers and parents of Moordale High, who are having a whale of a time bonking each other's brains out.

Firstly, we see Otis enjoying a late night romp in a car, then Eric and Adam getting down to business and Ola and Lily partaking in some strange extra-terrestrial stuff.

And that's just the tip of the very horny ice berg. Who knows what the producers will have in store for the opening of season four.

Understandably shocked by what they had just seen, one startled fan said: "THE OPENING SCENE OF EPISODE 3 ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME I AM TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE."

Echoing the sentiment, another asked: "Ok but can we talk about #SexEducation season 3 opening scene?"

"Didn't need to see that opening scene #sexeducation," chimed in a third.

While another added: "Why is the opening scene a porno? lmfao."

You may remember that the last season of Sex Education left fans on a pretty huge cliffhanger after Otis finally declared his love for Maeve - only to have the voicemail deleted by newcomer Isaac.

His sex therapist mum Jean fell pregnant, Jackson and Viv made up and reaffirmed their friendship and Maeve found out her mum is using drugs again and reported her to child services, while Adam got on stage during a theatre production and told Eric how he feels - in turn, breaking Rahim's heart.

A synopsis from Netflix for the new series says: "It's a new year, Otis is having casual sex, Eric and Adam are official, and Jean has a baby on the way.

"Meanwhile, new headteacher Hope (played by Jemima Kirke) tries to return Moordale to a pillar of excellence, Aimee discovers feminism, Jackson gets a crush and a lost voicemail still looms. Prepare for commitment animals, alien phenomena, vulva cupcakes and much more of Madam Groff."

Asa Butterfield, who plays the show's protagonist Otis, recently promised the new series will be absolutely incredible.

Writing on Twitter, the actor said: "Lemme just say, you lot aren't ready for season 3, trust me."


Netflix UK and Ireland jokingly replied to the post, saying: "Tbh you should see our mentions - I think they probably are."

He also confirmed to The Guardian that fans can still expect more of the same excruciating awkwardness from his character with the next season.

"There's a bit of a time-jump since the season two cliffhanger," he said. "Otis is back at school but he's got different things on his plate. He's grown up a bit and become slightly more sassy.

"It's been fun to portray his newfound charisma. Don't worry, though, he's still tragically awkward too."

Sex Education season three is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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